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What an amazing race this was.  We want to thank all of the folks who participated and especially thank the great guys at for supporting our network.


The top 5 at midnight Central time are:

1. Mike Dong - $120.00 credit

2. Mark T. - $80.00 credit

3. John Spoerl - $50.00 credit

4. Joseph - $30.00 credit

5. Myiesha Simmons - $20.00 credit


For those of you who didn't win, you have another shot with our Invite Challenge also sponsored by  Check it out here.


Congratulations to the winners.  I will contact you shortly to let you know how to claim your prizes.

Thanks for rocking!


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NOOOOO...  I demand a recount! (just sending this on John Spoerl's behalf)  ...    :-) 


Seriously, I mean JS kept it real here (used his real pictures and videos) and even offerred free tips that are super useful to help people out with their game. 

I know, I am thankful for all of the really active members here.  I think we have the best community on the internet.  John is a rockstar here (and we all wish we were as good as him on the court too!)  But John went MIA on the last day and Mark T went nuts with great forum posts and commentary.  Myiesha also played a good game on the last two days and jumped CoachV, knocking him to the bubble boy position.  This is only the second time we've run the Leaderboard contest, but I think there are 2 lessons learned.  1. Start early and stay on the gas (like Mr. Dong has shown us) and make a hard push at the end of the 5th set (last couple of days.)


Thanks again to everyone who went for it and thanks for being part of this community.

p.s.  Does anyone want to know where I would have landed on the list?


To my hater Joseph:



It's all in good fun bud.

LOL..  yes Mark, where did you land?  second or third?  Great event give-away, thx for putting this together.


No surprise MD is going to win, I mean, you google Tennisopolis (try it now) and his name appears just underneath. wtf bro? 


anyways, the prize is just icing on the cake, thank you.  i am fairly new to this site and already met up some incredible tennis peeps (and dating/playing with one).. take that Dong.  :-P  


hahahaha Joseph!  That is some funny *ish.  I did google tennisopolis and saw my name lmao!  Tennisopolis is now a dating site.  You PIMP.  I guess in all actuality, you're the REAL winner here!  :P
*Insert cued audience laughter followed by applause and credits roll*
Second.  Glad both you and John quit for the day.  Made it possible for the leap frog.  Too much good stuff going on at the French not to comment on or start blogs about.  Congrats to everyone.  Well played.
You earned it Mark!  :)  What are you going to get?
Don't know yet.  Spent a little time perusing, but not quite sure.  What about you?
Still debating if I should get a new stick or not.
Well if you do, you will have a good down payment for it.  You did well.


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