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I've got a full gym at my disposal at work and want to take full advantage of the opportunity. I really want to ramp up my workouts and focus mainly on workouts and activities that benefit my performance on the court. What sort of workouts should I be focusing on inside the gym that will have direct results on the court? 

I'd love if you guys post full routines.  Thanks in advance!

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Endurance Training

Look up Interval Training I heard that helps a lot.

Let me know what you end up doing, i'm looking for a work out plan for myself.

I would say try to incorporate using the bosu ball with cable machines and weights. I train many athletes from different sports but mostly hockey, and the hand I greatly improves skill.

If you are looking to improve your quickness and explosiveness, I would include exercises such as jump squats, lateral hurdle jumps with maybe a burpee involved, as well as lateral skater jumps...All timed intervals.


For strength, the obvious lunges, squats, dumbbell rows, shoulder press, woodchops, lateral raises and such work great. Again, a number of these exercises can be done on a bosu with either one of the sides up.


My two cents...

Abs, baby!  Work those Abs!!!

I've done starting strength, 5/3/1, Gethin's DTP and a few others, but they're more for powerlifting/bodybuilding rather than for tennis.I am looking for a detailed workout. I literally need something that tells me what exercises to do on something like a 4, 5, or 6 day split.Right now I'm doing a lot of cardio (Running 5k's twice a week as well as 2x spin classes). I want to do something with more resistance training to build upon my cardio.

There are a few workout's that I've seen the pros do, but nothing with a detailed regimen to follow. Is there anything out there? If not…someone please write something up and I'll do it and report back the results

here check this out. I havent read it yet. so i dont know


Holy crap! This is EXACTLY what I'm looking for. 

Thanks CoachV. I'm going to get on this and report back after a few weeks. Thanks!


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