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If you could change ONE aspect of your game for the better (within bounds of reason) what would it be?

I will start.......I wish I could consistently use my serve as a weapon  (not necessarily aces galore, but at least setting up winning shots) and not just a method of getting the ball into play.....

I struggle mentally with the idea that you are better off getting in your FIRST serve, even at 3/4 speed, than to let your opponent  have the chance to possibly tee off on your second serve. I have a fairly decent flat first serve with some pop, but with a 60%-70% effective rate, I hesitate to whip it out.

What about your guys/girls? What would you change?

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i have 2 serves the first a margin for error the spin of course. it spin down while the opponent swings up and a lot of balls go

into the net. finally i have put it in combination with a return that is high and also spinning. i have something  that cause

difficulty for the opponent. make him wait and deal with a high bouncing ball deep in the back of the court. it works good especially when the sun is shining.

I would have to agree with being able to use my serve as a weapon. 

My serve comes and goes --  During a match, it is not uncommon for me to hit good serves throughout my 1st set + some games. Once I get toward the end of a match, my serve becomes more inconsistent. I'm still trying to figure out why that is the case. 

I'd also like to improve my volleying game. 

"Once I get toward the end of a match, my serve becomes more inconsistent" that's a normal melt down! it still happens even to the professional. in our situation getting better with the serve in the later stages of the game. happens when we can just get the ball in play, nothing special. if time and ware of the match effects you just think how it effects your this game you get better by knowing what effects your opponent and putting then on that diet. that just my not be your serve.but a lot of things including mental aspects.

More free points on my serve. To much grinding, getting to old hahah. Just like tim said" you are only as good as your second serve", true that!

I did? Well, I think that though. Laver said it, then Sampras said it. Then I said it. lol

Fitness would be the main thing I would change. When I trained hard for a Future's qualifier event I was able to take a 20 year old 6'5" D1 player who played #1 or #2 oh his team to 3 sets and almost beat him and I'm 33 years old, 5'5" with my shoes on and probably more than 40lbs+ over weight lol. I actually ran out of gas in that match, so this is a glaring indicator for me that I need to get in shape just to keep up with these guys...let alone have a chance to beat them lol

Lot's of good fodder in this discussion.  Serving is a popular area, and one I am always tweaking for even the smallest advantages.  Although I might take it further and say my improving second serve variety (different spins and great locations using the same toss).  I fell like this would also be an indirect way of freeing me up on my first serve as well...


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