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So was I Cheated by the USTA Official?????? .............Here is MY Complaint Letter

Here is MY Complaint Letter to the Competitions committee of USTA Southern GA describing the Event.

700039912 March 2-4, 2012

SMAC Atlanta Open/NTRP Spring Classic (GA Level II-200 pts, STA 100 pts))

I have a complaint about the Finals I Played today....I was Treated unfairly by the ref.
The referee of the finals refused to Call flagrant foot faults on my opponent on every serve. She said that I was foot Faulting as well.

I explained to the female ref that I was not foot faulting, That I was allowed to Hit the Ball in the Air and Be inside the Court, as long as I didnt touch the court before I Struck the Ball....
The Ref then Left and was not there to call foot faults. After a 10 to 15 minutes pass the Ref Comes back with the Rule book... Reads the rules from the rule book about foot faults. I Point out in friend on Court 2012 rule book that I was correct & that she needed to call foot faults on my opponent & Also that I was not foot faulting. my opponent admitted to & agreed to foot fault calling because he admitted to having a problem of foot faulting.   Again she Refused and said that she has been a Ref for 20 years And That I was foot faulting, so she was not going to call the foot faults. There is about 10 Games worth of points That I lost because the Ref Refused to listen or admit her mistake.
My Opponent would take at times a 12 inch advantage into the court on every serve. the Match was very unfair & i was not able to over come the advantage that the Ref Gave to the opponent. The Ref Then Leaves again. and Doesn't Show up till the match is over... I lost because Loss of focus because of the Ref telling me that I was foot faulting ( when I wasn't ) And that She would not Make calls against my opponents kinda/Cheating.
After the Match the Ref Comes to me and apologies for making a mistake & that I was correct about the foot faults of my opponent & That I was not foot Faulting. I Still am a little bitter about this. I have been in the top ten in the eastern Section, Georgia & have been a Top men's open player & Mens 30...this is the first time I have been cheated by a ref in my 20 years coaching and Playing competitive tennis. I hope that I can get some pay back in in the form of points since I was cheated by a USTA official. Thanks Sincerely
William Vazquez - CoachV

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Yeah Cheat....

But that will not effect me in a non tournament match because I will be relaxed and I will be having fun. & I will not be Burnt From playing a 3.5 hour match Prior to the match.

up date the letter has been reached by the committee

Reference #: 5470656
Status: Complete

I think I was...  I had to rate myself again after only playing on one mens team last year. I thought that was dumb, also the only reason I didn't play as much last year was... The USTA had me as a 18 and under so i couldn't sign up for any teams. I've never had that happen.

yeah gotta be careful when they changed stuff...remember if you just want to play buy another membership and adjust your age accordingly....

One of my good friends back in NYC did this when he was about 24 Years old....he won a 16 & Under tournament his first tournament WIN....i dont blame him for cheating but the story is funny as hell....

Haha man that is funny. How did he get away with it? Does he look young?

his facial hair grew in life.

its is illegal to cheat your opponent.....but its completely legal for him to cheat CoachV

do you have the name of this official?

No I do not. I can still find out easily. But I am no longer bitter about it. its just a true story for your information.

If you have a story about Refs and would like to be interview let me know. I am working on a tennis show interviewing regular tennis players. Refs, calls and cheating is my next show. 404-829-4660 txt me first.


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