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Should I get a coach?

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Hi Amy,

Find a GOOD coach!!!!!!! Many people who play fairly consistently or, perhaps even have taken seminars, read
books on teaching, etc, decide to train others, but what are they going to teach you; what is the premise of
their teaching system?

I have taught community classes in the Los Angeles area for over twenty years. My premise is/was 'learn
how to play low-stress (injury free) or classic tennis, which can be converted gradually into a power game.
Working mostly with groups, which is an art in its own right, having the ability to communicate precise technique,
use, modify or formulate drills so that students get the information, and convey such vital concepts as rhythm and
timing as well... these are the elements that compose a good lesson.

Only take up the game on your own, w/o help if you are a natural athlete and can
determine the best way to (for instance) always meet the ball in front of you, find the grip that doesn't create
stress on your arm, emulate the best techniques of the pros as you assess them... Otherwise you may end
up with horrible bad habits that may be hard to break. Let me know if you would like to join one of my groups;
otherwise, good luck with your search!
If u have d potential to understand from books than go ahead to read up & apply else Tennis Coach will be best for people who is totally new for the game.Also make sure to get a a coach that really teach the right stuff.

1st of all Welcome. Tennis is a Great Sport for all levels.
Nothing prepares you more than practice & experience playing even if just hitting around.
With that being said I can not put enough emphasis on learning the correct technique not only to ensure you can improve but more importantly to avoid injuries that could keep you from playing or being active in other areas.

Too often there are people who go out and play for years without the correct technique, they learn to adapt to their learned playing style and can play well at 3.0-4.0 levels but often this leads to injury ( lateral epicondylagia "tennis elbow", even knee & chronic backproblems are more common in those who do not practice good technique.

Whatever way you can absorb & emerse yourself in tennis and seek the proper channels to learn the correct form and bio-mechanics. Often Comunity colleges offer group classes for the semester for less than $30./unit. or community recreation group classes.
Watch as much professional tennis as you can. go to local University matches & if you are good at reading instructions and applying what you read then pick up some tips.

for more info:

Best of Luck,

I agree that an instructor is very important if you want to learn efficiently. If you "just start hitting" with someone there is a good chance you will develop bad habits that will be hard to break later. That said, I do not believe you have to spend much to get started in tennis. Community center lessons or working with a seasoned player that will take the time to show you good technique is enough to get you started. Once started, getting out & hitting balls is critical. Then, getting a little coaching along the way will help you improve.

Above all else HAVE FUN out there!!

i say no....go out, hit a ball on a wall for a little bit...then join a few others around the area....
if its something you choose to continue, and want to pursue...then get a coach :-)
id be down to help u out a little
Ive got some free Tennis book in my group for down load. Read them first.
I don't know where corona is, but it sounds like somewhere I want to visit =)

I don't know if you can make it to sac but I teach free 1/2hr or a $20 full hour private. Lemme know

Hi Amy, here's a local group in Corona.

Join the group and get out there and play!  :)


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