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Am I the only one who hates Nadal?

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Well, what can I do? I'm just trying to please all my fans. ; )

Rudy Termini said:
I don't know how anyone could hate Nadal. He could possibly become the greatest left hander to ever play the game, assuming he lasts as long as Laver did. He's incredibly talented, hardworking, a fierce competitor, friendly and humble. He's also a very handsome young man with a lot of style. He's a tremendous credit to the game of tennis. What's not to like?
RAFA said:
Well, what can I do? I'm just trying to please all my fans. ; )

LOL. Rafa I'm so glad that you have time to stop by Tennisopolis in the middle of your incredibly busy schedule. ;-) Would you please let us know your plans for this season, and how your personal life is going? Also, any progress on the search for new under garments?
Nadal is a nimble and "intelligent" player -- he will no doubt be one of the greats like Federer but looking at how Nadal plays I'm not sure how long his body and take it.

I also have the feeling that he is very different during play (on court) and off-court. I have that feeling that it's a show, if you get what I mean.

I would love to see Gulbis take over as I think his game is always exciting.
done hating nadal yet?
how can you hate nadal, hes one of the best players of all time!!!!
I may not like Nadal much but I don't care since my favorite player, Roger, is the greatest player of all time. That's enough to make me happy. He has the most beautiful [academic] style. It's a real entertainment and spectacle to see him play. It is also true to Nadal but Roger does it better and with such an ease!
Most people who haven't accomplished much, hate those who have!
That's a very good one. I totally agree with you.
Richard Smith said:
Most people who haven't accomplished much, hate those who have!
rod laver is still the best there ever was. two grand slams seven years apart.
I really like both Nadal and Federer and feel like we are lucky to have both in the sport at the same time. That said, unless Federer can start winning some matches against Nadal I don't see how federer can be considered the best ever. His lifetime record against Nadal (his biggest rival) is terrible. With that in mind I think Federer has had one of the best runs in history over the past few years but I can't rate him as best ever. As far as Nadal...he may very well be looked as as the best ever if he can keep this up. If he can get close or even pass Sampras, Federer, Borg etc for victories AND have a dominating record against Federer how can you argue with that? He's a class guy who fights every point while on court. He is never a jerk while on court but has an incredible way of staying focused. Not sure how anyone can hate the guy.......
i dont necessarily hate him, but he just lost to federer in the madrid final 6-4 6-4! good for federer!!


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