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Do you want to play tennis with someone you know NOTHING about?
Me neither.

In the "Some things you may want to know about me" section of your profile, let it loose.

It's important to fill out your profile with lots of detail to build up a level of trust. So many people write "I like to play tennis" rather than something like, "I work at TJI Fridays as a waiter and enjoy reading chinese philosphy. I have an orange cat that always has the hiccups. My pet peeves include people not using their blinkers, or talking too quietly...." That's the kind of stuff that people like to see and it removes the anonymity that is here on the 'net.

Does that make sense?

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Seems like a good time to revive this topic.  We are getting quite a few members with precious little info about themselves, making it difficult for other members to find them using our world-famous search engine.  We don't need your exact address, social security number, or credit card (although you can pm that info to me if you'd like.  Just kidding!), but a city and state would be nice.  I for one, and maybe even some of you, like to know a little about the people I hope to play tennis with, so share a little, like Mark says.  Whew, that was an awful lot of commas. 


A couple of final notes though: be wary about sharing private info like e-mail with people, especially if they appear suspicious, as they might be professional phishers.  Also, be aware that sometimes batteries are not included, standard texting rates do apply, look both ways before crossing, and always, always check for residual toilet paper that might be hanging out when leaving the restroom.

Hi Mark, I agree and think members need to post a photo...
Yeah, photos are very helpful.  It is the number one way to connect with people.  Somehow, people trust photos.  :-)  But I have seen a few people say, "why do I need a photo?  Is this a dating site or a tennis site?"  I get the point but imagine meeting someone at a costume party who refuses to take their mask off - at some point you just want to walk away.
The profile default shadow of a persons outline lacks personality, but I do understand and respect peoples privacy. I seem to recall, you mention somewhere that members can post a profile photo of their pet, a tennis racquet or even one of themselves. Members can choose just about anything. I know having my photo online has helped new members recognize me immediately when showing up to our drop-ins for the first time.


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