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My doubles partner Jeff Shin, and my boy Jordan Boyles had to come back from 1-5 in a true third set tiebreak to beat rio for the second time! They were playing Todd Stanley (director at rio) and brian martinez (my director at natomas)


My team is off to a good start (3-0) and we beat the other good team twice now. I know the usta likes to see scores but if we sweep rio we wont play the local playoff.


We only play 1 singles match and 2 doubles so all the scores are close.


I know Mike has been winning alot, I hope that is helping your team!

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My Club Sport San Ramon 4.0 team is 4-1.  And my Laney 4.0 team is 7-1.  My MX7.0c Laney team is in the District finals ad we are 14-1.  :)
That's sick man. Go go go.

I left my 9.0 mixed team to go on my cruise. Left em in the playoff's. The emails are about a party now. I think they crashed and burned without me
Dude, you left your team in the playoffs to go on a cruise?  How selfish of you!  hahahaha I'm playin'.  I would have done the same thing  :)  That just shows how much of a necessity you are to the team!

You guys are doing great!

My team just clinched the division and a berth at the MS State Tournament in Biloxi, Ms. We're 5-0 with one more match to play. Not sure if we're going to play it or if they're going to forfeit or if we're gonna help them out and just report random scores (so they don't lose their deposit). The team is 0-5 with a limping roster and the deadline to submit scores was Sunday. Our captain was supposed to ask for an extension, but haven't heard anything.


Started conditioning today to get ready for the insane heat we're gonna have to play in. Last year it was so hot we always practiced at night leading up to the tournament (still hot and humid as hell). When we got to the tournament, we were scheduled to play at 9's and 12's and 2pm's. I almost passed out on day 2, so gonna try to get acclimated to the heat by training outside in the hottest part of the day over the next few weeks. Words can't express how miserably frightening it was last year.


good luck to you guys!

That's awesome Todd!  lol@ almost passing out on day 2   Good luck man!
Damn. Sounds like you guys are in contention for a national title! What level? Where is your division, section, and national destinations?

Southern Division in Mississippi. We may have a chance to advance to Sectionals, maybe even win state; but I can't remember if they allow 1 or 2 teams to advance. We're a strong team, just don't have a deep roster. We play 3.5.  Sectionals is in Birmingham, Alabama July 28 - Aug. 1st or so.


Not sure where nationals is? New Mexico or Arizona or something I think.

If we do happen to make it to sectionals, we won't advance. From what I understand the teams in Atlanta (and on the east coast) come in with large 15-18 deep rosters. And since their teams and leagues are so large I believe it's really easy for them to hide ringers if they really want to.


The team that won MS state last year got THROTTLED at sectionals. But we do have a chance to either win or come in 2nd. But that means we have to play that Sunday. And I'd rather be a spectator on that day. Cuz the forecast says there's a 115% chance I'm gonna be hungover.


I like state because it's at the beach. My girlfriend and I were talking about it the other day. It's sort of a annual novelty just to make state. The hell with advancing past that. haha.

we lost (my first individual loss that season) in the section final last year. TO A TEAM WE HAD ALREADY BEAT. Scared favorites, fearless underdogs... you know the story

We are out for vengeance!
lol @115% chance of a hangover lmfao
About the hospital visit... I have a story.

One of my "a-list clients" who has lost 60lbs and navigated the 3.5's 4.0's and 4.5's did the hospital visiit from a full body cramp. The nurse told him we are in the 1% of people who are able to take that much out of us. I told him it happens, and I mean it

I have cramped with my match points

My doubles partner did a trip from grrc stadium court to the hospital... it happen.

Don't play any less hard... just raise the bar physically

We're doing very well - so far undefeated 4-0.

Here's our team:

Personally, I am 2-1, and I may have a singles match tonight!


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