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Relaxation/meditation..... it's been raining on and off....great time to visit a Korean can stay as long as you like some places open 24/7.....soak, sweat, wash, scrub.....feel refreshed, relaxed....radiant..good stress can do all the work yourself there or have someone do part of it for you....

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All of those sound like good things. I jog and try to eat healthier. It does not look like a problem for you, but if I drop 5 or 10 pounds, I see a noticable improvement in my tennis game.

I've never been to a Korean spa, how are they different from a american spa?

(By the way, you posted this discussion under Professional Tennis and I moved it to General).
I like to incorporate cross training. Biking, Swimming, Basketball, Volleyball. Those are sports/Activities that use similar movements and allow for the athlete to enhance those skills without realizing that that was the goal. I have seen vast improvement in one of my students as he has incorporated specifically volleyball. Now, he did have an outstanding coach that understood the necessity of having well tuned athletes on his team, but I have seen a marked improvement in my student's on court speed. The biking and swimming are especially good as they are pretty much low impact, a welcomed break from the high impact tennis provides. Basketball is good for quickness and hand eye coordination.
I need upper and lower body strength...lift weights? Also need to build my endurance so just do more of what I do I suppose...biking..blading..hiking..maybe some dancing....maybe a little jogging.....what do you think mark....
you know, I actually have seen some serious benefits of P90X. It has been a little rough on my knees, and so I have to tone it down and take week off breaks, but wow, speed, agility, balance, endurance and muscle-both upper and lower. There are weights used in the program, but he tells you the amounts to lift in order to create mass or tone. It has been a great program. But to rid yourself of the boredom of the same things over and over again, yes, the others you listed are great.
I have heard of P90X.....seems to be really popular with the guys at work....maybe I can try by borrowing it from someone....and like in anything you do variety is necessary....
The spas offer wet and dry saunas ...cold and hot jacuzzi....then they have jimjilbang which can be coed depending on the place you go, clay, salt, jade..some have UV light room and /or oxygen room....showers.....some have computer and most have free wifi...flat screen tv's with Korean programming sometimes with dryers...sleeping room...heated floors or heated mats to rest on...all included in entrance fee. Additional services for a fee includes...body/facial massage....accupressure/acupuncture...pedi/ services...scrubs....

You can find a place in your area by yelping any business....

Wow, that sounds great.  I could make a day of it.

i stay there 5 or 6 long as you want....and you will be amazed at the ranges from

10:00 - 30.00 to get in...depending on where you go....they give you so much.  one side have to be comfortable being butt naked with the same not optional!


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