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Nice new pic Tony.  I bet this is close-up of a picture you took recently.  I think I see the stripes from a Babolat racquet there.  Is this power shot from Nadal?

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I supposed I should give it a little time for others to try to guess.  ;-)


Yes, it is a close-up of a recent photo yet to be posted here.


Better question to ask.  Did you try to guess which player produced my previous profile photo?  ;-)

Definitely give time here.  So I guess I am wrong.  I can barely remember the details of your previous pic.... how my brain works continues to baffle me.

I supposed I need to post the previous profile pix to refresh your memory.  ;-)


Is there a way to did up the previous avatar or do I have to find it from my file again.

I think you'd have to reload it.  Why don't you just upload it as a picture, but leave your new avatar in place so we don't confuse anyone.  :-)

Here's the old avatar:


The current one should be much easier to guess then the old one.  ;-)


I supposed I should include a little more of the racket strings for you guys to guess.

hmmmmm, is it a female?

Are you asking about the old one or the new one?


Am I suppose to provide clues?


I hope I didn't post the photo already.  Going to have to go back and check...........  ;-)

hmmmm, is it Li Na?
How much time should I give to the thread? I suppose I should provide a clue every few days.

Also, I suppose that one should start by guessing which racket the two shots were produced with.

Every few days, I should include a little more of the original image as the clue. What do you think?
Darn it, I guess it wasn't her.  Enlarging the image every few days sounds like an AWESOME idea!
On the side note, I would hate to be the balls on the string bed. Ouch. It reminds me of the Nike commercial from the early 90's. Who was the actor voicing the trash talking tennis ball? Anyone remember that?

Time to include a little more info to the two avatars.  ;-)


Here they are:










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