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Full Interview Of Top Juniors Francis Tiafoe and Michael Mmoh

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Great job!  It is very disarming when you just walk right up and start popping the questions.

Looking forward to seeing more of your vids here!

Be sure to use the youtube embed featured like I just did (you still get all your youtube views - actually more since more people will hit the play button.

What is your story, Racquet Comedy?


Thank you so much!

I have a couple more videos on my youtube channel that I can also put here. 

I'll definitely use that feature I really want to get my material out into the Tennis Community!

Well my story its kind of long lol... I started to play tennis when i was 14 but i never had enough funds to take me to the "top" but then I found out about youtube and acting so i said "hey if i dont make it ill just fake it till i do!" haha which led me to start making Tennis Videos on YouTube im also a Digital Media Major in College so its a little easier for me than most to make video effects. My goal is to make new ones see and enjoy tennis just as much as I have and also get on the court and play!

Haha! Well that's my story in a "nut shell"  :) 

You're a natural.  Keep it up!

Thank you! I do my best

Just watching Mmoh's body language, you can see that he doesn't know what to make of you!  I think that is actually the funniest part of this whole interview!     Tiafoe is much more relaxed and just goes with the flow.  I love your opening statement about black tennis players.  Such a good way to break the ice.  Well done!

Haha yea I noticed him giving me the look a couple times!

If you notice in the beginning they didn't really feel comfortable with me interviewing them so i did that "ice breaker" at the start to get them laughing! Also to keep them engaged I made sure to ask open ended questions and make statements that would throw them off or keep them on there feet.

thank you for sharing :) ii really liked it!

No Problem! :) thank you for watching! I'll be uploading more in the future


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