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I'm not entirely sure which forum topic area this belongs in so I'm putting it here. I recently launched a website centered around a fantasy tennis game and I'd like to invite tennis fans to come and check it out and see if they like it.


sign up:

I'll be happy to answer any questions anyone has in here.



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Jason, I am glad to see that you got your cool project off the ground!  I hope it is a massive success.


Thanks Mark - how are things going at Tennisopolis these days? Did you attend Indian Wells again this year?

I sure did.  It was great as always.

Crazy, but I am going to be in Surprise this weekend, taking my daughter to a USTA clinic.  Would love to hit with you on Sunday sometime. She'll be in the clinic from about 10-4.  I have a mandatory parents meeting at 12:30, but can play either before or after.

I'll send you a PM too.


Jason, It was fun hitting with you on Sunday.

So, I have good news about your bracket idea.  The main guy that was running one, Steven from, is no longer doing it.  He called his version Battle of the Boards where all the different tennis forums would enter and when you entered as an individual you picked which forum you were from.  Is was not unusual to have like 500 players.  I know one time when we were giving away a racquet for the winner from our team, we had about 120 players.

Anyway, it looks like he handed the torch to another person @t3nnisfan, but it appears that guy has dropped the ball.

So, long story short, I think the tennis world is ready for your version.  Also, the BOTB idea is not a bad one because then you can freely promote it on all the sites.  I'll go look for some links for you.



Hey Mark - yeah man I had a good time hitting Sunday! 

I'm currently working on the game where you pick match winners to see how many in a row you can pick - and then I plan on doing the bracket idea after that. The only 2 bracket games I know of at the moment are something named Tiger Mobile and ProPelicanTennis or something like that. You can probably find them with a couple minutes of Googling.

The BOTB type stuff seems pretty common on tennis forums but people do it by hand manually and it's error prone. That's when it's nice to be a software guy and be able to build a system around it to automate everything.


Gotcha.  I like the streak idea a lot too.  But I think it might be easiest to bring in all the players first with something they are familiar with and then get them playing the streak.  Just an idea.

Yes, you have the programming skill which will set you apart and really raise the level for both games.

Get on it!



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