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Doubles - I need an Opolite partner to play against John Spoerl and Mike Dong

Dinner and bar tab on the line for the losers?



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Crosses his fingers for Myiesha!? Game on =)
Johnny, so you wanted this to be "mixed doubles"...?  who's the girl on your team?  :-P
Haha I also realized I bet a bar tab with a hs kid. Maybe we can reconsider
But for real, I wouldn't minnd playing with her on my team =)

yeah, with all the 9.0 mixed dubs you've been playing, you're a veteran at this... lol. 


cool, you and myesha vs. mike and me.  i'll flip with Mike who gets to wear the skirt.  besides, it'd be good for her to see what i wrote on her post about beating a lefty..

Ooo or we could have lefty madness!

Idk, whatt about a set with everybody and total the scores? I'll bring the beer
ahh.. an even better idea!  a test of strategy/coaching/communication skills with each dubs partner. nice.     
hahaha u guys are crazy!  I just realized something.  Wasn't the PS3 network compromised recently?  Is the PSN back up yet?  I'm actually thinking of getting it for the XBOX360 instead.  I usually like gaming on the XBOX platform, and blue ray movies on the PS3.
I am a 360 guy... mostly wii these days but I can break it out

you're right about the ps3.  haven't played in a month or so.  i also have the 360 and can get the game.

Wait... we are talking real tennis ya?
Call one of my students in Cali.  I will get u the Number.


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