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Does anyone here use full Western grips on both forehand and backhand?

I was watching some ranked Armenian players at the Pasadena Rose Bowl tournament and noticed the big Western forehands. My regular partner, who is also Armenian, got the itch to slug it out and so we went to Lacy Park, the nicest public tennis park I know.

I went ahead and used full Western on both sides and began really slugging the ball. I could nearly flip the racquet over and not have to change grips, like Phillip Kohlschreiber!

It was amazing to see it could be used aggressively on fast hard courts. Has anyone here have this style of game for their hard court game?

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Hey Tim,


That's pretty much how I play.. heck, my forehand, backhand  & serve all use almost the identical grip the majority of the time. Although, the forehand and backhand grips have to be adjusted a tiny bit when going from one to the other.



I can't imagine hitting a serve with a full Western grip. Are you sure it isn't Continental on the serve, the "shaking hands" grip?

Hey Tim,


Here's a video when I was goofing off serving a few years ago - check out the grip.. it's extreme western, I believe. When I hold the racquet out in front as if my hand is positioned to shake hands, the racquet is almost flat like I'm holding a frying pan:

Ah, yes! It is nearly full Western backhand grip. I thought you were using Western forehand. lol

A very, very nice kick you have there. I've been working on my own, but have been using semi Western backhand grip.

thanks Tim, I actually learned that serve growing up as a kid by reading Tennis magazine. Wish I still had the article. Studied it like crazy.  

As far as the grip goes, my forehand grip is almost identical to the grip that I use on the serve, so maybe my forehand is closer to extreme western.

That explains it then. So you use extreme Western forehand which is the same as semi Western backhand. Very ingenious.

Finally! I always wondered the term of the grip I used. Thanks for clearing that up. I've looked at the charts and never was 100% sure, but I knew it was some sorta full or extreme western - maybe even in between.

When I moved to Mississippi and showed my teammates the grip and how they can use it for more spin and power, they started just calling it the "cocked grip".


Are you just now starting to use a kick serve? Or have you been working on it for a while?


Ya, sounds like a regular backhand grip more or less. Maybe yours is over a little more than normal but I was going to ask what the hell a full western backhand looks like when I saw this thread
Gustavo Kuerten's backhand is full Western. He can put massive spin or flatten it. My favorite backhand of all time.
Kuerten has a 1h backhand. Todd scott said he has a 2h.

Almost everyone with a 1h is rolled way over western. I should have asked what the hell a 2h full western backhand looks like... lol
My 50 year old partner has a near full Western two hander. Sure is ugly, but it works. I try to hit kickers over it.
It works aye? And yett it id your target when you play against him? I can picture it... just doesn't sound like a very efficient way to hit a tennis ball


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