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Does any one play with (or at least dabble with) any of their vintage sticks on the court currently?

I will break out my Pro Kennex Silver Ace, PK Graphite Prophecy, Yonex R-7, and Head Graphite Director ( among others ) every now and again to mix things up a bit.  I just strung a Bard Jade Fire (Graphite/Boron) and am anxious to work it into my current rotation...

 Anyone else give court time their favorite vintage sticks these days?

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I got a Pro Kennex Black Ace 98 (86). It feels sorta like my Youtek Prestige Mid but with way more flex. It's so flexy that I can't serve with it, feels like it will break in my hand. Gonna try to lead it up.

I have 3 Head Pro Tour 280 China versions. 100% graphite as well. I love these guys to death!

And I have 1 Pro Tour 630 with the Kevlar/Twaron. It's my big flat hitter, with an even 2-3 pts HL balance. 

So you have the Silver Ace, eh? I had the Ceramic Ace and although it hit nice, just didn't have enough plow for me. Are you leading the head up a ton?

I have about 4.5 grams total up there. Now its a BOOMSTICK. Those are cool Head sticks you got there boss.

Alright then. I'm gonna load up the Black Ace with 4 grams and see what happens. I wanna BOOMSTICK!

Dude, you were right! I put 4 grams on my Black Ace and now the thing serves will lots of brio. lol

Its the real deal,  I am telling you......  :)

how about the pro kennex golden ace, the head edgewood or some of the more popular 65 sq in sticks? i use them  quite a bit.

Did the Golden Ace have wood in it, Chan?

I like to bust out my Snauwert Brian Godfried and put some of the kids to shame, fun to feel the sweet wood bend and do its magic.

How about Snauwert Mecir? I haven't seen one in person.

 Tim, The golden ace did indeed have wood in it, and I believe it was used/endorsed by  Josè-Luis Clerc of Argentina...Sweet frame

Hmm, Clerc, eh? Must be good then.


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