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My friend started this discussion......I don't know if I have a favorite...but I was feeling maybe Penn has a little more give.... Wilson seems to be firmer and stronger so more speed? Tell me what you think ......

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OMG Michael, that is so cool! I remember those like it was yesterday!
Hi mike....are you a the balls have good bounce? Of course they are pressureless balls.....

Hi Arianne, I am lucky to have collected a few things! If you are keen to see some more old things check out a web site that a mate and I have setup. Have a good day!

Great site michaell.....your love for the history of Australian tennis....thanks for sharing....:)
Michael, that is AWESOME!!!!! I even remember some orange ones too.

Hey Mike! yea they are cool hey! You might like some of the old and unusual rackets we have on a site that a mate and I setup. Chat soon!

I totally concur on the balls bought from Costco. They only last one match, after that they find themselves in my practice bin, and even there they only last for a month or so before they are totally useless. I also don't like the cheap Wilson balls. They play very light, and give off a totally different feel than the Wilson U.S. Open balls. Those would be my favorites.
i will play with any brand as longs as there not dead balls and i should have added that to the discussion About pet peeves
Yes...i prefer Dunlops...then Penns!

Every now an then I need to talk with my tennis balls, you know those moments. The ones that have always responded to my requests have been the Wilson US Open.
Hey Chris, Thats really interesting about the dead-ball vibration! Id be keen to read some more about that.. Do you have any links to where to start looking?
Thanks Michael
Hi Chris....I didn't know exactly why but I preferred Penn over I know why....:)


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