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Did Novak Djokovic duck Monte Carlo to save his winning streak?

There are a lot of reasons why tennis, among other sports in general, is exciting. One of them is chasing and setting records. Show me a sport fan and I will show you a sucker for records. Records make the favourite player and home team worthwhile routing for and just that much more appealing when it comes time for trash talking.

I loved watching Pete Sampras smash the the grand-slam record; only to find myself again right behind Roger Federer as he snatched Sampras' spot for the accolade. Recently though is Novak Djokovic, blazing hot, handing out Ls almost routinely to everyone in his way. It is borderline disrespectful, the way he handled his fellow countryman V. Troicki (6-0/6-1) in Miami and almost routinely dismisses the Mighty Fed right now.

Being a sucker for records, I cannot help myself but wish him well, simultaneously, I could not help wonder how he did not play Monte Carlo as a result of a knee injury, then of course ends Rafa's 37 clay winning streak with his 34th straight win. Monte Carlo is too cool of a purse to pass up plus the hardware is decorated with names of legendary champions. By comparison however, legendary names mentioned in "winning streaks" discussions are potentially way cooler than the Monte Carlo purse and trophy put together; Borg, McEnroe and now Djokovic in the same sentence. It is tempting to think he was protecting his streak. Thoughts?!


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He is hot right know and cocky he is like tyson in his prime knocking out everybody so hes not ducking more like bobing and weaving lol

He's doing the same thing Rafa did last year, reducing the number of clay court tournaments leading into the French Open. It is working for him and he is saving himself from chronically injuring himself.

Today's athletes are doing this. Top ranked boxers fight max two fights a year. Cyclists only ride two tours or even just one, like Armstrong or LeMond. The ATP tour is too packed all year. So even though Monte Carlo has a great importance and tradition in the clay season, I don't blame Djoko for listening to his body for rest.

By the way, Borg would not even play the Australian after losing once at age 17. But look at his 5 straight Wimbledons and 6 French. Now that's a winning streak.

You know your right i would do it to if my body hurt so do you think Caroline would benifit from the same method or is she doing a Danara just trying to keep the #1 Ranking insted of tring to rest to win the big one
But is that concidered working smarter and not harder something like that or is that a diffrence in sports were you need to work hard to win

Dinara had that horrible back problem where she nearly had a herniated disc in her spine. Caroline definitely is a grinder, winning by retrieving with some good topspin. Just like Rafa, a grinder has to take care to reduce the amount of impact their body receives. Because they are not winning with one or two shots per point as much as the other players, they are more likely to injure through repetitive usage.

Cycling and boxing are similar in that you need to build up to win. You can no longer win race after regular season race and expect to win the big one, the Tour de France. Armstrong recognized this and hardly rode much of the Classics. He won 7 Tours. Not that I like him. lol

Mayweather is a smart boxer in that he has not lost professionally and has had a long career. He also works smarter, but he definitely trains hard for each fight. His training sessions are very disciplined.

Don't you think he could have chosen less significant tournaments to skip and worry about recuperating, everything about a Masters Series event is attractive. If he would have won Monte Carlo and now Rome he could have been #1.

I get taking care of his body, the timing was odd.


@Myiesha he is feeling like he is sitting on top of the world right now I agree haha, you do need that edge to survive out there though!


@Tim Rafa was actually nursing tendonitis and had been for a while and in some matches you could see him grimacing with pain as for Djoker he is fine ;)

The number one spot is good I personly would love to win a grand slam event at that moument I would feel like number one player in the world So is it realy that important to be number 1 or win titles they usualy go hand and hand there are a lot of Jr in My section that have more points but i got more titles:)


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