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Watching the Davis Cup this weekend was fun and it was great to see the US beat Switzerland. John Isner had the biggest win of his career and beat the legendary Roger Federer 4-6, 6-3, 7-6,6-2.

Marty Fish came up big coming back from being down 2 sets to 1 against Stanislas Wawrinka winning 6-2, 4-6, 4-6, 6-1, 9-7. This no doubt will help Fish get back his confidence for the 2012 season after a very disappointing Australian Open.

Ryan Harrison had his Davis Cup debut and beat Michael Lammer 7-6, 7-6 to make Davis Cup captain Jim Courior proud and hopeful for the future of American tennis.

All these results are great news for American tennis and a big win for our Davis Cup team. However, who really cares? My friend who happens to be a Federer fan said to me the Davis Cup is not important anymore and just like an exhibition.

When I thought about it, I had to admit he kind of had a point. I mean unless the Davis Cup is on television right in front of you, is it an event you look forward to. When players lose matches in the Davis Cup is it a big deal? If I am being honest I don't look forward to the Davis Cup like I look forward to the Grand Slams. I already cannot wait for the French and that is months away!!!

The players are already talking about the Olympics coming up this summer at Wimbledon and so am I. So the question is what can be done about the Davis Cup to make it more relevant as a major event. Should it be played every couple years and run like a tournament to get it done all at once? Should the Olympics just take the place of Davis Cup now that all the top pros seem to want to play it? Or is the Davis Cup just fine the way it is? Let me know what you think by commenting below...

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I think in order for Davis Cup to become relevant again there are a couple of changes that need to be made.  First of all, they need to play it every couple of years, or every four years offsetting the Olympics, so you would have this nationalistic sporting event every two years, Davis Cup and then two years later the Olympics.  Second, they need to give some sort of a benefit to the two teams that played in the championship match.  As it is now, you win in December, and you are already playing again in February.  The last two from the prior year should have a bye.  As an added bonus, the winning country should host the entire event.  Make it more like a tournament and get it all done at once.  In order to get the top pros playing, you will have to give them ranking points.  Otherwise they will blow it off.  The prestige of the Davis Cup has lost its lustre and needs to have it brought back.  It should have some weight towards a player's legacy (ie, Hall of Fame).  Otherwise it will continue to be irrelevant and not attended by most top players.

these are great ideas!!!

Federer said he only went to hang out with his friends. No wonder he lost. He doesn't really care.

I like Mark's ideas. Makes a lot of sense. To have it every year is a waste of time!

Davis Cup should be a keeper over the Olympics; maybe postpone if in an Olympic year, however.  The 2011 Davis Cup Finals was some of the most electric tennis matches of the year!   The schedule is always an issue, and I think they should spread out over time vs a single event; something to look forward to in-between Grand Slams.  The tennis Davis Cup should rival the golf Ryder Cup.  International team format just gives it an extra enjoyment; but most importantly get the best players from each country!  Go US Davis Cup team in 2012.


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