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I'm really stoked about this match up! It has the potential to surpass even Brian Tuck vs. Jake C! This will go down in a couple of months with Mr. #1 Tim Prapong volunteering to have camera coverage.


Brief Background:

     Dave  has been playing around 5 years and has recently progressed from 3.5 to 4.0.  

     Joe B has a few years of experience but is a rapidly rising star in this community as well as his    

               league competitions.


Venue to be decided but it will be in SoCal.


Match predictions any one?

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The organizer is your very own friend, Chin. Well, I can delete the thread and the match will never happen. I don't think Chin intended to not show up, nor do I think your name or Joe's was maligned. Nor were you blamed. 

Well, sounds like you're angry, Dave. But I did my part and I thought we agreed to next time Chin rolls in. Well, if you and Joe agree to deleting the thread, let me know. 

Tim, I wasn't angry but like to tease my own friend Chin for not showing up and want to take out the thread that never happen. I still waiting for Chin to roll in and we meet again if he wants too, that's fine with me.:)

It's okay Tim. Dave is just bitter he didn't to show us his skills.

I suspect he has skills that Joe is unaware of. lol

Of course I am bitter, expecting and getting excited to see my friend Chin, got everything prepared and waiting for him to show up but didn't show up that's sad and disappointed. Hmmmmm. Skills what skills you mean eating skills like Korean BBQ or Buffet. :) 

I know you got average eating skills my friend but your whining skills are exceptional!

I thought they were "winning" skills. ::scratches head::

Not just bitter, whinning and asking for compensation at boiling crab or bww when I am back. Hahaha.

Hmm, now I want compensation at Boiling Crab as well.  I put a fresh overgrip on my racquet just for this match.  Sure, it's a paltry $1.50, but the grief and emotional suffering I have endured requires restitution.

Chin, how does it feel that you've got to boil some crab. Hint, hint. Boil some crab at home, save some money. lol

I figured out how to make crawfish that rivals boiling crabs :). I can do another boil Dave but you'll have to come during crawfish season.


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