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I took a look at this blue string at one of my client's house. He already had it on a couple of his racquets. I was skeptical because I didn't see any texture and seemed like a normal string, round with that superman blue color. When I tried it on the court, it was another story. The string just gripped onto the ball like glue. I'd say the grip was even better than Solinco Tour Bite, and that is saying alot.

My client has it hybrided with VS Gut, so that might explain the pocketing I felt. Nonetheless, I left blue stripe marks all over the balls. Perhaps the coating has something to do with the grip. Give this string a try. I'm gonna throw it on half of my racquets in my bag!

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hey tim, just posted a reivew of this new kind of tennis string technology.  let me know what you think have you tried it yet? 

I see you're discussing Zyex and ketones. I think Tecnifibre Razor Code is using additives and a thermal process instead.

Tim do you normally try strings out in a full bed or do you hybrid them as well? I'm still loving the pro line 2 as a full bed, lucky I dont have elbow problems!

I am on my way to get another stringer, and when I do, I will hybrid half of my six racquets.

I wouldn't think Pro Line 2 to be not elbow friendly, except at 60+ lbs. Definitely a whole slew of new copolys that won't injure the elbow either, providing your technique is good.

Yep, I agree. I thought I would have to add a softer synthetic to the pro line 2 but I have gone through a few sets as a full bed and I like how the string plays so much I don't want to hybrid it. I've been breaking the pro line 2 strings in less than two weeks so I would image a softer synthetic would get destroyed pretty quickly if I were to use it in that in the crosses. Luckily, I've never had elbow issues, so it must be my awesome technique!

tim,have u ever tried big hitter blue ? how does this string compare to that one ? :) abs.

Big Hitter Blue regular, not the rough. I think the regular Big Hitter Blue is very average and soft compared to Razor Code. I never felt the regular Blue had enough bite or interesting characteristics.

Soft is why I love it to continue playing tennis into my 70's.. :)

Tim, have you tried Yonex Pro Poly Tour, been using and really like the softer feel, good spin generation although I generate it anyway, and holds tension pretty well.

Yeah that's a weird string while stringing it. When you bend it, it doesn't go back to its previous shape. Plays pretty good that Yonex string though.

It is a very nice co-poly depending on the total configuration, but there is better... Try the YTEX Quadro Twist, it finished #2  for the best overall String on RSI. Number one, yes naturally gut..



Well, I'll give any string a try with that kind of review... if I can find it at my local store. I see it on Tennis Warehouse though.


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