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When it comes to tantrums we all know Mac is the worst sport of all besides Mac who is the worst sport of all time on the tennis court?

My Top 5 worst sports of all time...

1. Nastase
2. Connors
3. Roddick
4. Serena Williams
5. Tarango

Here is a classic clip of Mac and Connors almost coming to blows!!!

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that's not fair you named them all in Tennis so lets do all sports. Mike Tyson and his cannibalistic outburst and all losing soccer fans,
Wow that is scary...great video Myiesha...I knew I played tennis for a reason...well you have a good point about opening to all sports so give me your top 5 in all sports...but since this is a tennis site you have to include at least one tennis player
This guy has some major anger issues:
oh yeah...I remember this one...classic
This happened just last week. I cant' believe they didn't get suspended. Andre was able to play last night! So I guess you can beat a guys face in with your bare hands with no helmet on, but you cant do a helmet to helmet tackle. SMH
These top tens are it is tough to pick a number 1 out of that...I say the Nancy/Tonia is number one in my book...great find!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
at least it was internalized! lol

Safin is not far behind. He is such a boor!
safin is a great pick


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