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I'm picking Tomic, because I think he has a touch more guile and deception. Plus, I like his backhand slice way more than the Dolgo sidespin slice. Be prepared for some artful fireworks!

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I think Tomic is playing with some serious confidence right now.  My pick is Tomic, but I do think it will be a hard fought long match.

That 19 year old Tomic has poise and plays with time more, dwelling his shots on his forehand, pausing big hitters with that backhand slice, hitting low and forcing big hitters to hit up and get redirected. 

Dolgo has that super wiggly speedster serve, the side chop slice and that half Nadal forehand buggy whip. I see Tomic just laying back, returning those serves a few feet back and then moving Dolgo around more effectively than vice versa. Tomic's just way more patient.

I like Tomic to win this one too. His game is a bit more mature.

I do like dogopolov though! This should be a fun match to watch.

Fed also plays tonight!

That's three for Tomic. Nobody for Dolgo? I saw someone online call this "A-tomic vs. Doggy"! lol

We called it.  It was long as predicted, but Tomic pulled through.  What are his odds against Fed?  I would think pretty good.  I am not sure I want to go out and say he will beat Fed, but could give him a good scare.

I think Fed will take him out in 3...

Fed will probably squeeze Tomic right off the baseline and into the backcourt. He won't let Tomic out slice him or be dictated by that flatty forehand. Tomic's going left and right, backwards with Fed!

He's gotta hit that flatty forehand exceptionally well to beat Fed. Tomic's serve wins him no free points really.


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