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I don’t feel bad line calls are the number one topic of tennis play overall on the local league level, but it almost always seems the most prominent issue (other than one’s own lack of good play or opponent sand-bagging) for players walking off the court after a match, win or lose (usually having lost).

If I don’t agree with a shot-call and don't have a better point of view (court position) than my opponent, but his or her body orientation at point of contact doesn't allow for a focused, not peripheral, look at the ball, as in not recovering well enough to view the placement, I will challenge. 

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...if I am the one who hit the shot and I don’t agree with the call, but I can’t see where the ball landed, because of court position or view obstruction (by the net for instance) I may challenge (not likely), if I felt the shot was in.

Interesting.  I have never challenged in this scenario. The only time I have challenged is in one of two cases.

1.  I saw the ball land and it was very clear to me.  This happens on down the line shots where I actually have a better view than my opponent(s).

2.  My opponent has had a string of bad calls through a match and I could see the ball somewhat.  In other words, I am a little quicker to challenge if my opponent is having trouble with the calls.

This latter case is the common one for all of us tennis players, where we come off the court muttering that there were bad calls and someone may need some glasses or a lashing from his/her mama.

Yes. That was somewhat misleading and not the intent.

I believe my editor took a few hours off, so I had to take charge and do it myself.

 I know what you mean - sometimes my inner editor ends up making it more complicated than when I started writing the sentence, take this sentence for instance, totally screwed it up. 


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