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Attn: Active Match Players - quick post - what's your FH and BH groundstroke grip?

Which shot do you end points with?

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What ever works.
full western forehand, semi western double bh, continental bh slice.  i like my bh's down the line. 
FH I use a semieastern and on BH eastern one hander

Hal, them grips are on my wishlist :-)   

so much more footwork involved in hitting a full western fh and double bh. 
I love my newer more modern style FH, and glad I have one hander as I get older, 2BH much better in younger more competitive years. FH used to be more eastern and much less topspin.

...i personally think it's a requirement now for two hand backhanders to develop a single hand backhand slice just to keep up with the rally - at least against better players.  deng lefties.

Yes!! I play against a 5.0 left every Friday who's dream and aspiration is to be Nadal. He is great and taking my forehands up the line and hitting heavy topspin to the ad service box. My bh slice was almost non existent and is now pretty decent, having to constantly slice just to stay in the rally when he gets a good racquet on the ball.
Sounds like me right now. Imagine wooden racquets =)
I have an aggressive western grip on my forehand and a semi aggressive western on my backhand.  I use a continental grip for my first serve and a eastern for my second serve.  Continental grip for overheads and volleys.
I just grip and rip it.....................................ohh wait that's my golf swing


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