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Has anyone played with these custom rackets? I am so tempted to buy one! The thing is that they don't have demos and you can return the racket....

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Ah, they have a major flaw already, no green!  I wonder how truly customized these are.  I'm thinking they probably have blanks with a specific stiffness rating, and add weight based on the customers' specs.  That, of course, requires that you know what you want as far as static weight, swing weight, balance, etc.  If you do order one of these, let us know what you think by posting an official review, he he he!

yeah I know .. i was looking for green too...make it look like a POG...hahahha

Just buy a POG, ha ha ha!  Tried a 93" for a bit, but too difficult to use in a match setting against good players.

i already played with 93.. sold all of them... I have POS OS too .. played with those for 10 years but got those stolen.. I play with EXO3 Graphite 100 customized...I hate when I get this racket hunting itch..

Switched to exo3 Graphite, eh?  When did you do that?  You weren't using that when we played at my place with Dennis.  I still have two, but just switched to Dunlop 400 Tour.  What did you alter?

man i forget when i switched back.. i think it was a couple months after we played with dennis..

I added about 20 grams of lead at top of the handles to get my spec... actually get it closer to POG OS Tour..I also use the string inserts instead of the ports for more feel...

Dude, I definitely would not buy the racquet without having a demo. Unless you are willing to gamble that money away. It looks like it would just play like a Pro Kennex old school. j/k lol

You also gotta ask yourself, why isn't a pro using them? Not the top pros, but any pro?

 i hear ya Tim... I really think this guy could have demos..that's why I haven't pulled the trigger I think it would improve sales for him....

the whole thing with rackets and pros is another i$$ue that we can go on with..hahahah

Have you demoed the Head IG Radical Pro or IG Prestige Pro? How about the Tecnifibre 325 VO2 max? The last two I recommend. The Radical Pro is very good too. 

Go with what you know, not what you see. No demo, no moolah. lol

If you know what you like regarding weight and balance, there is a program to morph existing frames......ahhh for technology.

So I was able to get a demo of this racket on ebay. Angell Sports used to Vantage Custom rackets but that's another story... I leaded up the racket almost to my specs ( i ran out of lead tape) and I played a quick set with a friend.... preliminary this rackets are pretty sweet.. they are foam filled and feel pretty solid...hope to get buy more lead and play with the racket more... i like the feel of it and the spin potential is pretty good...


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