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I've been on this website for 2 months now and i've electronically come across some cool players, pro's, and overall helpful guru's..  Anybody up for arranging an actual meet-up besides myself?  How about making a trip out to an ATP tournament (Farmer's Classic or Atlanta, etc) and setting up match get-togethers?  Here's my match wishlist:


singles against Mike Dong - loser gets to buy meat and man the BBQ grill

singles against William V - loser gets to buy the other person reebok shoes

singles against John Spoerl - loser buys the beer/alcohol (yeah, it will be me)

singles against Mr. Mayor - loser buys more alcohol

singles against Myiesha - just bragging rights before her tennis career shoots up and she turns WTA pro busy


get on the doubles court with Hal, Mr. Mayor, Tim P., Todd S - John S can only heckle coz' he already be buzzed then... 


Apologies if i left somebody out but speak up..


What you say people?  Comments, ideas?  I'm serious, let's make this happen!



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Count me in!  This sounds like a lot of fun, and something I have been hoping for a while now.   I would need a sponsor to pay for my flight and lodging.  :)

sponsor, don't you have a full time job?  :-)  just do it. 

Thats one of the best ideas yet but if you play me and I win Just donate to My traveling and Intry fee Fund

and its fun playing you guys I have played a lot of people from tennisopolis and I have always had a good time

Thanks Guys

Sincerely Myiesha


Joseph, sounds like you'd need a week of vacation just to get those matches in. 


I'll travel with you babe. ;-)


i want a piece of Mike D. in singles and singles against myiesha (i'll have my checkbook ready for her fund) but it'll be fun. 

There's a decent to great chance I'll already be in ATL covering the tournament, so Atlanta gets my vote.
How about California?   We have the best weather out here!

I'm totally in.  We're going to have to chose the right place.  Something in the center of the country might be best since we have people from CA and VA and FL and WA, etc.  They say St. Louis is the closest to the center, but Vegas is always fun to visit too!  What about Dallas as a possible meet-up location?


I want to play against everyone! 

Since 3 out of 5 on that list are in Cali it should be here MIke D is 10min from Me and John is a hour away plus this reminds me of my dad favorite bruce lee movie where he had to fight his way to walker texas ranger guy

hahahahaha Chuck Norris and Bruce in, "The Way Of The Dragon"!  Funny.  I remember when Bruce ripped a chunck of Chuck's chest hair off and blew it in on him.
anywhere cool (temperature wise) is fine by me.

I'm totally down!  Looks like a lot of people have it out for me.  :/    I feel so special lol  j/k 

Seriously though, this is a great idea and something I am down to do!  And "AM" is right, a weeks vacation is what sounds like it's gonna take.  Or maybe a 3 day weekend at the very least. 

Oh Hal is 10 min from me to


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