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7 Most Destructive Tennis Myths - EXPOSED... And what to do about them...

Tennis Myth And Truths

I wrote my book, The 7 Most Destructive Tennis Myths - EXPOSED...

because I am concerned that the traditional or conventional way of teaching

tennis has destroyed the natural, athletic way of learning and playing tennis. It

has instead created a very mechanical, almost robotic way of hitting the tennis

ball. Lost is the ease and natural flow of movement; there is no sense of feeling

the stroke; and there is too much thinking going on about the mechanics of the

stroke. I have seen this lead to frustration, and even anger sometimes, on the

court because a player isn't enjoying the game: he or she is incapable of

producing a consistent, reliable tennis stroke... and that's no fun.

Moreover, hitting the tennis ball improperly can also contribute to painful

tennis elbow or shoulder problems.

So what happens? A player may resort to taking even more tennis lessons from an instructor who

teaches him or her more of the same conventional or traditional methods. What's lost? More time, more

money, more enjoyment. While he or she watches other players getting better and loving the game even

more—because they are receiving the correct information—the frustration turns to despair and he or she

may stop playing all together. This doesn't have to happen to you! Tennis is easier to learn and play that

what you have experienced in the past. You recognize this because you are

reading my report right now... Clearly you are looking for new solutions.

When you read my book, The 7 Most Destructive Tennis

Myths - EXPOSED, you will learn how to move and stroke the tennis ball in a

more natural, efficient, and athletic way. You will also learn why these tennis

myths plagued your development and frustrated you for years. Furthermore,

you will learn corrective techniques and drills to aid you in making your strokes

smoother and effortless; your movement more coordinated and efficient; your

timing much better; and playing with more control—mentally and physically.

Hence, your strokes will improve; you will play better; and, you will enjoy your

time on the court. Tennis will be fun again!

Here is an example of what you will learn in my book:

Myth #1: Hold your racquet firmly and swing toward your target

Truth: This problem is most prevalent on the forehand side. You should hold

the racquet lightly and swing across the back of the ball from right to left (for

right-handers; left-handers reverse this technique). Holding the racquet with a

relaxed grip (fingers are loose on the racquet handle) allows you to accelerate

the racquet-head through the point of contact, yielding more spin, more pace on

your shot, and more control. You will actually decelerate when you hold the grip

too tight. In my book, I teach exactly how to insure that you are truly relaxing

your hand and fingers, and the correct swing path when performing your

forehand swing. Your forehand will be instantly transformed; and, you will be

taking the proper measures to help prevent tennis elbow and shoulder


Want to learn more? Go grab my ebook on

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Great idea for a book!  I like myth one which is very good for beginners and beginner/ intermediates.   Motez,  would you say that your book is targeted toward 2.5 - 3.5 players mostly?

Thanks for reading my post, Mark. I would say that this book is for anyone, at any level, who has been frustrated with their development while continually spending money on lessons learning to stroke the tennis ball in a more conventional manner. I teach these concepts to beginners as well as advanced tournament players. If you haven't purchased the book, look for my next post.

Wow great read really entertaining and informative!


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