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Hey everyone! So the French is underway and I have no worries in the world! Who's going to win this thing? I'm settling in for 2 weeks of the best tennis in the world.

This is the place to talk about the Pick-em standings, predictions and maybe a little trash talking as well!


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In a grand slam there is a 4th round (= the last 16) and a QF round. You might be getting confused by the fact that the first picks in the list I sent you are players you expected to get to R2, i.e. winners you could have scored for in R1 if they were correct.

So when you get to the block of just 8 players, although they are your quarter-finalists, but you don't score for them in the QF round, you score for them in R4 because they are your predicted R4 winners.

If that wasn't why you were getting confused, just ignore this post!
Hi Elaine

There were eight late entries from Tennisopolis members and two of you have asked to be told your scores. Here are the scores (in the format position (out of the 349 entrants there would have been if all of these had been included) - name - score) for all eight of you.

In case the other are interested too, would you mind posting them somewhere if the other person who asked me for them hasn't done so already? (I can't work out whether to use the forum thread that seems to get hardly any posts at all or Mark's blog about it, which was getting more comments but which I can't find any more, or somewhere else!)

69 aschro1 152
103 Steve Behmke 149
153 Fer0729 144
176 lainey 143
282 Nir 130
285 bink 129
287 bill fleegler 129
344 Ditadites 107

Many thanks and hope to see you back for Wimby



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