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Anyone have ideas for additional Profile Questions? Of course, these are helpful because the answers are searchable, i.e. if you search for "miami" or "4.5" or "denver pro" so those answers are great when you are looking for someone.


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I think a question about your favorite park(s) or club(s) in your area to play at would be helpful.
Also maybe a checkbox section where you can select what times are best for you to play? Like a checkbox for "weekends", "weekdays 6PM or later", "weekday mornings", "monday", "tuesday", etc....
yeah, but that wouldn't really be very searchable, would it?
I guess you would have to incorporate it as an actual search option if you wanted to search for the criteria. Like having those as selectable search criteria when you enter a query. But actually, I wasn't really even thinking of that in terms of searching. I just mean when I look at profiles, and if someone says they only play weekdays during the day, then I know that that person and I are not a good match because I can't play at that time. I've had a lot of instances of exchanging emails and after about 10 emails, I find out that the person's schedule is a total mismatch for me. Would have saved some time if I had known from the beginning when the person was free.

anyhow, i might be in the minority in terms of my tennis partner-finding habits, and I'm not even really strong pushing for this. I was just putting out there as something to consider.
Allow the website to be indexed by search engines without signing up for a membership. As you can see from this Google search -

you have only 138 pages Google sees you for. It would bring in substantial traffic to open up the site in this way. Also allow chatting between one member to another.

I would also suggest a search to look for "who is online" at the time. Just some ideas.
Thanks for the tip. I thought I had set this up this way. I'll have to look into that.
When I am searching for members in my area of "Crestview" it only shows 2 people. I live in Crestview and it never shows me. I've seen this on other searches like Pensacola. What is causing the city to not get indexed for the search?


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