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Today I played against a guy for the first time, and the whole time he had his iPod earbuds in his ear. Granted, we just rallied for an hour, and didn't play any points, but I thought it was a little bizarre. Maybe he would have taken them out if we had started playing a match, but I've just never seen this before.

Not that this bothered me that much because it didn't seem to hurt his play. But I am curious. anyone else play with their ipod either during rallying or playing matches?

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Not so much. :-) How loud do you think he had the volume? Could he hear when you spoke to him or did he have to pull a bud out and say, "huh?" Reminds me a bit of the professional poker dudes (and chicks). I'll tell you when I do LOVE an earfull of tunes - SNOWBOARDING!

I don't know, the more I think about it, maybe I'll try that sometime - but only during a casual rally.
He seemed to hear me fine. The more I thought about it actually, the less weird I found it. I go running with my ipod, so I guess playing tennis shouldn't be weird. Maybe I'll try it out.

then again, I love the nice crisp sound a tennis ball makes when it makes contact w/your racquet. (who doesn't?)
There's certain music that pumps me up. Gets me focused and adrenaline pumping....

Like...ahem...the Mortal Kombat Soundtrack! Or some decent techno or drum&bass!

If I could get away with it I'd play with music all the time, it would make me worry less about my opponent and make me more aware about my game.

However....I'm really critical when it comes to my opponents, and if HE or SHE decided to play with headphones, I would probably say something like: "Have some respect, for goodness sakes!"
today I saw another guy listening to music while hitting. except this guy was wearing those big Bose ear muff style headphones. That was even weirder.
Dear Terence,

I certainly love playing tennis with my i-pod or other mobile listening device, because it just has a way of making me feel fluid and calm on the court. I don't have to worry about any out-side distractions or irritating noise volumes coming from a nearby road-way or park. I simply tune-in to the music and tune-out everything else. This has increased my performance capabiilty 360 degrees full circle.


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Yea...i've always felt that was a lil rude...esp if i know the guy haha .. I workout with my mp3 player...take it everywhere i go...but if im with someone ALWAYS comes off!



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