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surely we've evolved from the kurt rambis (yes, he's basketball..) style of eyewear on court. what do people do these days for that? it's been a bit since i've played and last time i didnt need my glasses as much as i think i do now, especially at night. but i cant wear my regular glasses cuz of course they might slip off. any suggestions?

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Check out Jarko Tipsarevic - I can see you in a pair of those Mikey. Just pull the trigger and get some Lasik - a birdie told me that they have 0% financing. Prior to the knife (err... laser and knife) I just wore my standard glasses, no strap. I wear a hat always too so maybe that was helping to keep the frames on....
I've been thinking about getting Lasik myself, but the procedure kind of freaks me out. Sure is tempting though.

I play with contact lenses, personally. Wish I could help you with a suggestion for wearing glasses on the court, but I haven't been able to play that way.
Guess I am not good enough to really care. I like to play with contacts but my glasses have never slipped off. About Lasik - this eye Doctor at my gym claimed that soon they will have something "better"...not sure what that is though.
I wear mine and have never had a problem with them slipping. In fact, I frequently wear two pair at the same time. My glasses are a relatively modern style and therefore small so I wear a second pair of yellow tinted polarized glasses over the prescription glasses. They enhance contrast and reduce glare. They are designed to be worn over other glasses.

My real problem with glasses is when I arrive at the court with the wrong pair. I have one pair that are 'single vision' prescription designed for distant vision that I should use for tennis. I also have a pair that are designed as 'continuous vision' similar to 'bi-focals' but without the distinct line where the prescription changes from distant to close. They don't work so well for tennis.


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