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I just started playing tennis again after a long winter vacation off. After playing, I realise that I was bleeding under my finger nails. Anyone ever had this injuries before? What's the weirdest injuries you have after a game?

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Gross! bleeding under the fingernails? was it trapped in there or was it oozing out the ends?

Strange injuries? Not so much as yours, but once, when rushing the net to get to a drop shot, I put on the brakes and my heel pounded the ground right through the sole of my shoe and i completely smashed the padding in my foot. They called it a foot bruise but it was weird - I took like 2 months to fully "heel". Needless to say, I went out and bought better shoes.

It start bleeding out of my fingernails. Never had this happen before; I guess I have tape up my fingers.
Whoa. That's really weird. I can't imagine what caused that. Hope you're ok!

Not sure how weird these are, but I've been really dumb and hit myself when swinging my racquet. Typically I do this on my forehand and hit my forehand when whipping my racquet around. The other time (and more common) is when I bring my racquet down on my serve and hit my left shin. One time I hit it so hard that I got a real nasty gash and have a nice scar to prove it.

Also, I have a bad habit of cutting my palm when I open a can of new tennis balls. Not good!
I used hit my shin when I served, I changed my play from baseliner to serve and volley. You're not the only one I know that hits himself with a racket or cut himself, it always happens to a friend of mine.
I pulled the idiot that cuts their finger while opening a new can of balls trick. O_o Umm but I also had a spontaneous fracture of my medial sesamoid that I walked around on for months... that was cool.

But not, never bleeding under my fingernails. My hands feel sore sometimes... Maybe you need to trim them or step up the size of your grip?

I've cracked my shin on the follow through of a serve before like you guys too.
Thanks for sharing. Apparently the doctor's say I lack IRON in my diet, so I need to eat more carrots.
Carrots? Who's your PCP?! I would try broccoli or raisins... or check out this list.

Spontaneous bleeding under the fingernails doesn't sound like an iron problem to me, I would say more Vitamin K deficiency which a main component of clotting. Stick to the dark leafy veggies for that.

But hey, what do I know, I'm only a PA student... =)
Thanks for the info, my fingers aren't bleeding anymore; so I guess carrots work.


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