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So with all the recent news about polycarbonate materials leaching chemicals into your water, are you keeping your Nalgene? I decided today to get a new water bottle and get rid of my Nalgene. The fact that Nalgene themselves decided to stop manufacturing a bunch of their bottles is what made up my mind.

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how can one tell if their water bottle needs to be replaced and if it does what do you look for in a new bottle to make sure your not putting yourself at risk?
There has been lots of press about this. Do a google news search for "Nalgene" and you'll find plenty of articles.

In the meantime, here are a few articles describing the recent Nalgene controversy:,1759,2283931,00.asp

Basically, if your bottle has a "7" in the recycle symbol, it is made out of the polycarbonate material that is suspected to leech chemicals.

Finally, I found a post describing some alternatives to a Nalgene bottle:

Personally, I just bought myself a SIGG bottle.
Well, I hadn't heard about this - but I noticed my last oponent had a new nalgene with a different kind of plastic, and my little brain went, "huh."
I guess I will but my family has about 6 of them that we all use, this is going to be a serious investment if we have to go with the aluminum ones. ;-)

Thanks for the heads-up.
seriously. It's a huge pain and expense. And normally, I wouldn't pay attention, but so many people have convinced me and then when Nalgene themselves pulled their entire outdoor line, that convinced me.
Its all about the Klean Kanteen...
Based on the readings posted I think it's safe to say that it's more of an issue for kid's who are using it since their body is still growing and this BPA toxin is more about changing hormones which for kids are more likely to have hormonal issues than adults so for Mark, it's probably safe to just start by switching out the kids to polycarbonate bottles labeled "2" / "5" then switching out the ones adults use.

I have one of the specified ones but I'll probably still keep using it seeing as how my water only sits in there for at most an hour and a half.


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