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TIP: Where you can find the best tennis videos in clear slow motion sequency? I have the answer!

Well, I found a slow motion video of Federer forehand at "YOU TUBE". The definition is incredible. you can see the whole shot frame by frame with total definition ... not like those blurred shots coming from other videos. follow my advice and check it out. Yo uwill learn one or two things by admiring federer dinamics,

if you find another place with better vtennis video ,,, let us know!

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I learned my backhand slice by watching slow motion fed videos. There's a youtuber who's sn is "txchou". Pretty much all his videos are slo-mo vids of pros.
Check out Attentive studying of these videos elevated my singles game from a 4.0 to a very solid 4.5. The clips on serve pronation and power forehand are absolutely indispensible, and I'd even say that in order to be a competitive 4.0, you'll have to learn how to hit these shots if you haven't already. I'm so glad I found -- it's totally worth it and you'll probably get much more out of it than your normal private lesson or clinic.

I agree that there is tons to learn from replaying youtube videos. I do like the youtuber "mytennis4you" for Fed and "xstf" for the volley. Then watch a ton of eighties and nineties ATP stuff alongside the new matches, you are good to go.


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