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Well, I figured I'd put this in here. Cuz it pisses me off!
It's not brand new, but Andy Rooney, who cares what you think?
We are all so "over" you.

Rooney rags on tennis because the names are difficult to pronounce. ....boring....

However, Rooney's recent comments about the number of Serbs playing in the US Open appear to stem from not a brain disorder, but rather his long-standing bias against South Slavic people with distinct Y-DNA chromosome distributions, bearing unpronounceable, vowel-challenged surnames. Three of the world's top ten tennis players are Serbs - Novak Djokovic, 20, ranked No. 3 in the men's game, and Jelena Jankovic, 22, and Ana Ivanovic, 19, ranked third and fifth in the women's game.

"My disinterest in tennis as a kid has lasted all my life," said Rooney in his inflammatory column. "I'm still not interested in the game, with all its surfaces -- particularly grass, which is meant for grazing or being interred under

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"But unless you're a broken down, bitter old geezer with one foot in the grave and the other firmly planted up your ass, there's no way on God's green earth you can be disinterested in Ms. Ana Ivanovic."

That is just classic.
Ah, I had a feeling Andy had something against tennis. So odd, what did tennis ever do to him? For him being so disinterested, he sure rags on about it.

I wonder can she ballroom dance. I'll put her down for the last three dances on my prom card. I do that three times a week. Keeps me in good shape.
Interesting. Andy probably has never been active in any sport. I use to watch considerable sports at least football and baseball. I only watch tennis these days. I never cared for basketball though I played it in highschool: wasn't very good: too short. I've often thought they need to raise the hoop about two feet in the pros: will add the skill factor. Now, baseball is got to be the most boring way to spend ones time. It would suite Andy I think. Wharever --
Well said WJ!
Waht's Andy Rooney know? Nutin'. I can't stand watching baseball. I think the world has passed it by and it is just such a big machine that it will take a while to grind to a halt.
You know I loved playing baseball when I was young. I played catcher the most active position in the game. I even chewed tobacco. Ugggg! I smoked at one time. Gave that up in 1967. I wouldn't be here if I hadn't. I'm 77 and I play singles tennis (3.5) occasionally with a kid that's 37, and I beat him occasionally. I don't bore him.
I agree with you. I don't like how much he disrespects the country of Serbia, or any other country for that matter. I wonder how he would feel if the tables were turned against him. What is it about tennis that he does like? He sounds to me as if he just loves to hate and just thinks negative about everything. Sucks to be him. Let me know if anything changes with Andy.

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