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How difficult is it and does it take a long time.

Im thinking about getting a gamma x6 stringing machine (350 bucks),
and probably would just do my own rackets but if its too time consuming
or difficult to do a decent job then I would probably stick with taking it to the
local stringer.

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I honestly think stringing racquets looks like slave labor, and I will gladly pay for someone else to do it. That said, I don't break strings that often. If I did break strings more often, I might consider getting my own machine
if it was slave labor. then why bother? my machine already paid for itself when i started stringing my rackets as well as my friends. now everything i make is pure profit. not to mention the tax breaks i can get. now tell me if that is slave labor. you need to rethink your logic on this. doesn't make sense at all!! i find your remarks offending.
it's all relative. what isn't work to you looks like work to me. You really need to chill out (and learn when a remark is made tongue-in-cheek). Geez. I was not questioning yours or anyone else's decision to string their own racquets. I was only stating my own opinion on whether I would get one for me. You need to read more carefully.

If you make a living out of it, good for you.
well, you need to figure that one out for yourself. i'm sure you can use some extra cash just like all of us that have our own stringers. an investment i don't make a living out of it. just another side hobby just like giving lessons, which for me is part time. (i do have a full time job).
the fact that you used the term slave can rub a lot of people the wrong way. you have your opinion well i have mine as well.
that's all
Hi Roger, yes, I do and have been stringing for 40 years. IF you haven't bought one yet, make sure you try to get a multiple point stringing machine so you won't end up with a broken racket(s). The cheaper two point machines will do but it's kinda a waste of money now that there are machines out there around $350 that are 6 point machines. The electronic ones are great also but not as durable as the mechanical ones that last forever. Whatever you decide, decide to buy because it will not only save you money in the long term, it will also be fun since you can experiment with different strings, and tensions, etc. It adds a whole new dimension to your tennis. It personalizes it and it really is quite a saving if you play regularly every other day like I do. I could go break strings every other week and at $25 or so a pop, that is some expense.
do you think it's slave labor as described by terence? we should ask the stringer who won $20K for being the fastest stringer in the country during the US open.
its not that hard but you need someone thats done it so they can show you how too ,it takes about 30 minutes and can save you a lot !!
I just started learning how to string a racquet, and my fourth one took about 40 minutes. But I use one of those massive and ridiculously expensive electronic ones (it's an old Babolat machine and cost somewhere upwards of $7k). If you break strings frequently and have some free time to experiment, it'll pay off in the long run.
So you just dropped the coin for that big daddy? or are you borrowing it?
I've been stringing racquets for over 20 years so it takes me about 40 minutes total time which includes inspection, mounting etc. There's nothing better than doing the job yourself and you can experiment with different strings and tensions. If you decide not to string for yourself, find an experienced stringer who you can trust. There are stringing techniques that need to be followed to balance the tension across the racquet. The USRSA and most all racquet mfgs recommend alternate main tensioning. Im not familiar with the Gamma x6, but I would not recommend a drop weight model. I use a True Tension Machine. Good Luck.
it's not too hard, especially if you have a good machine... gamma's is the best... it'll be a pain at first, but after about 200 feet of wasted string from botched string jobs, it will quickly pay for itself... you'll be stringing a piece in about a half-hour. let us know if you want us to order that for you... we'll show you how to do it... even post a video for you... just msg me, we'll make it happen... cheers. -ben of Tennis Zone


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