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It's a crazy freaking idea, but that's what I'm all about. I'm gonna try to get Spadea to join He posts all the time on YouTube and he would dig our site. Also, I dig him. I'm gonna work up a rap to send him. I know the tragedy of amateur rap, but I think he would appreciate it anyway.

Help me with some mad skillz in this thread.

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Oh man, this is a good idea. I like Vince too.

Yo I started this place,
called Tennisopolis,
We're right in ya face,
no one can get ontop of this(??) :-\

We talk about tennis
all day long,
I only took a break
to write this song (LMAO!)

Uh, well, how's that for mad skillz?? ;-)

So funny. I came up with the same rhyme for tennisopolis. "no site can topa this.." LOL
here's some rough verbs:


We need vince spadea, no we aint afraida ya - yeah, we want you spadea, we aint afraida ya.

Come to tennisopolis, to chill and hang wit us. its like a tennis facebook: totally off the hook, you can't get enough. the addiction it cant be shook.

Its a dot com revolution with no haters, no verbal pollution. come drop your skillz, come get your thrillz, its your new tennis jones solution.

Drop your mad skillz in our hizzle, spread your mad love, it won't fizzle. Vitty Cent, vitty cent. vitty cent. Hey suckas, dont get bent.

We need vince spadea, no we aint afraida ya - yeah, we want you spadea, we aint afraida ya.

that's bizatches!


this is so bad it just might work. :-)
Oh man that's horrible, but it DID rhyme LMAO!
Man I think you should send it to him! And if it doesn't work, back to the drawing board.

Insane win for him over Stepanek! Can you believe it??

Totally awesome - i guess he'll be in a good mood. :-)
I actually want to make a video of someone (looks around) rapping it and post it as a reply to all his videos on youtube.

But I may chicken out and just drop the text in as comments.
I think it shoulc be corny, it's funnier that way. The cornier the better. Nice idea by the way.
Yeah that's pretty corny, good job :)

Does Vince have a Fansite?
I sent it to him.
we'll see if he shows up.
probably not doing anything until after the AO.
Hey check this out. His post match interview of himself after the Stepanek match


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