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Hey Guys,

Feel Free to post any tennis instructional type questions here. I am a USPTA pro and Owner of I could give personal help here or feel free to friend request me. We have a large archive of articles from tennis pros around the world that I could provide.

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Thanks for your reply =)

But again, I'm puzzled as to why two hands on one side is limiting and not the other.

And then, would you say that santoro and seles were both MAJOR exceptions to the rule?

and have you ever come across ambidextrous people who seemed to have this problem?

thanks for your input, I appreciate it all
Hi' My question is looking at the ball.Sometimes after the ball bounces I take my eye's off the ball for some reason..and i'll end up with a mis hit. Is there anything i can do to keep my focus on the ball?? Thank you, Bill.
I'm sure Steve will have some good ideas for you, but I've heard of people trying to read the logo on the ball. You won't really be able to do it, but just looking with that purpose in mind will effectively make you watch the ball until contact. This is so key. If you can start really watching the ball, your game will take off.
interesting. actually in addition to keeping your eye on the ball (when it comes towards you). You should keep your eyes focused on the ball at contact.

Hit the ball. Leave your head down for a split second where you made contact. Sounds funny, but it keeps your head stable, if your head is stable the rest of your body is!

Try it out
Hi Stave' By keeping my head down I can really see the ball leave my racquet. Thank you. Can you give me a tip for not crossing my left hand on my right hand ground stroke,This is something i just started doing about three weeks ago and i need to brake this bad habit.Thank you
Hey Bill,

Glad I can help. sometimes its the little things that make all the differnce!

Can you explain what you mean in a different way so I can help you out? I dont really know what you mean by "crossing my left hand"

Well when I hit a topspin ground stroke using a semi western grip, my right arm follows through over my left shoulder, my left arm crosses under my right arm, my left hand ends down under my right side, armpit area.Thank you
ahh yes.

You obviously know that you shouldnt be underneath the arm, it needs to be over your arm.

But looking deeper there is a better way to work on this. The bigger problem is that you are not rotating your upper body. If your upper body is rotating then your arm should be out of the way.

Try it and come back and let me know!
Hello Stave' I see your right about me not rotating on open stance shots,this is something I really need to practice.Do you have any seggestions. Thank you
Do you have any tips on developing a very flat, deep 2-handed BH DTL? I can hit both CC and DTL with a lot of spin but if I try to flatten it out DTL it inevitably either falls short or flies on me.


dont have much time, but your dtl shot is nothing more than a crosscourt shot.

sounds crazy...but all you need to do is wait a split second later. Just hold off on your swing for a split second and that ball will go right down the line just the way you want it!

good luck! (keep the swing the same, just swing later)



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