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Here, we'll talk about all the happenings on the Men's side.

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WHAT?! You're KIDDING me!! Serena/Venus doubles? Terrible. I'll root for 'em, but ESPN shouldn't shove 'em dowm my throat.

I feel guilty watching all these matches on ESPN360. When I woke up this morning, the Safin/Baghdatis match was still going. Last night, the Hewitt/Istomin match was good too. If only there was some way to link this to another feed.

SopCast usually has all the Asian broadcasts though; that would've been my first choice if I didn't have 360.
Anyone has something to say about the Fed-Tipsy 3rd round?

I think it was one of my favorite matches ever! I have been a Tipsy believer. I think a top 10 berth is long overdue, mainly because of injuries and bad draws.
I thought the Roddick/Kohls match was my favorite match thus far, but the Tipsy/Fed overtakes that one. That match was so thrilling. All the commentators were saying Tipsy had no chance to win, but he sure did show them. He played excellent, he served great, was great off the ground. If Tipsy could have just held his last service game, I think he might have had just enough to win this match. I'm dissapointed that he lost because he worked so hard and played so well, but the good thing is he showed his doubters that he is good enough to challenge Fed.
I only saw the first couple of sets, but clearly form the score this match ruled. I was really impressed with Tips serve - it seemed like Roger couldn't quite read it.

I just got done watching the hewitt/bags marathon - UNTIL 4 IN THE MORNING!! - and that was a great one too. All of a sudden we are getting some top notch matches!
I'm so depressed, I missed the Roddick/Kholscriber(sp?) match, the Federer/Tipsy match, AND the Hewitt/Baggy match! I mean really! =( I'm so depressed...

blue =(
Where were you?!? As a matter of fact, I didn't see you around here much.
One of only two places:

That's...generally all I have time to do these days. YES, even on the weekends.
Fortunately, ESPN 360 has all those matches archived =D I just finished watching Fed/Tips, about to watch Hewitt/Bags ;)
Really, I don't remember ever seeing Federer so onery. It was very interesting.
As for the last game on Tipsy's serve, I'm sure many people were inclined to say he choked, but Roger really aggressed him from then on. It made me wonder why he hadn't done so earlier in the set. The 5th set had a sort of PASSIVE aggressiveness, where both players were just holding serve. But leave it to Fed to flick his switch. It was only a matter of time.
Props to Tipsy. I've been on his trail for a couple of years. I'll be very interested in seeing what he does the rest of the year.

Youzhny/Davydenko match is...very disturbing. Too many errors and breaks.
You're pretty lucky to be able to watch those matches on 360 because they were great matches that you wouldn't want to miss :)
So true. What a day! I heard darren cahill say it was the most exciting day he has ever witnessed in tennis. I saw the entire hewitt - bags match live and only some of the Fed match. I'm sure it would have been far more exciting seeing it live, not knowing if fed would pull it out.


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