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Hey everyone.

There's only about 7 hours left to join the interboard challenge for the Aussie Open. We need more people from our group to join our team.

If you have sign up already, you can say so in this thread. Make sure you put "" as your name and chose "Tennisopolis" as your team. Not like Khalil did, going with, LOL!
We're having some issues not knowing who has already signed up and if we're all on the same page. If needed, I can send Steve a message to see if he can get us all under one name.

If you haven't signed up, you've less than 7 hours left!! Go here
and fill out your bracket!! Good luck!


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all right I'm in this is cool! go A-Rod now or never bud!!
khalil... what a trader! ;-)
50% of us picked Ferrero over Nalby - so that is what we need to root 4! Except you poet, cuz you wanna win the whole enchilada. oUR TEAM for whatever reason picked Ferrero a lot more than the others - this should boost us up if this happens....
Snap. Too bad Nalbandian is looking better than we thought he would. Well, Ferrero has been playing good. I saw a bit of him vs. Jones, and he was bouncing about like a hyperglycemic dog: "Gimme the ball! Gimme the ball!!" Hopefully he'll be the same way vs. Nalb.
David on the other hand lost a set in his previous match, and struggled to close his 1st round match. We'll see what happens.

So how are we all doing folks?
I found out from skeet that we are still in 12th place, which I expected ofcourse. But we will get better, watch out for Tennisopolis in the future!
Hmm well, this was a tough one to call, I suppose. I'm sure the people in first place did call all the rounds, but just made more points.
Yes, next time! But we'll plan ahead instead of last minute decision. We'll be a force to reckon with ;-)
Here's the results link.
Kuda jumped up to #20 Way to go!

Absolutely Blue, we'll do way better next time.
I know that like 5 of us (or all of us) really rushed the pics.
I need to look more closely at head-to-head results. those are so important.
Man, those h2h are killer. Especially with dark horses and inconsistent players. Stepanek, Nalbandian, Youzhny, Moya; these guys are great players with loads of inconsistancy. Then if they go up against someone like Tsonga or Kohlscriber, no one knows what to expect!
Then, when the draw comes out, there's "Q" or "WC" in place of a name in the first rounds. Really if I had followed the qualies, there are some picks I would not have made for sure! So it get meticulous, but it's fun too. We'll be the under dogs for now, since we're just starting. But it takes bad results to learn from.

Yeah it's best to wait to see who the qualifiers are before you start picking.


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