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Drove all day yesterday, across NM and AZ.
Going out to the tennis garden in a couple of hours.
I'm not even sure who is on the docket for me yet.
(in the stadium is Nole/Seppi, Davenport/Dulko, Nadal/Giraldo, Ivanovic/Olaru)
I've got my cameras and plenty of sunscreen,
Any photo requests?
I'll keep you posted.

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Yeah.. like Ana...! Ana photos for me and all the other guys, and Nole for all the women! hahaha! You should've had a Tennisopolis shirt made.

How long are you going to stay?
Andrew, good news!
I scored some Ana pics. I got to see her "up close and personal" while she was practicing. Her coach/ hitting partner was a real ham and cracking jokes with her and the crowd. I got some footage too. When I get home, I'll upload them here for you.
Nole pic requests, please.

Does Davenport's game look intact? That beat down by Sharapova at the AO looks more and more like a Sharapova-created event. What's going on with Justine?

Looking forward to reports.
Saw Nole and Davenport in the big house last night. Nole looked sharp against Kohlshreiber, but Lindsay looked sluggish. I did get a pic of her doing an interview. I'll upload it in a few days when I get back to my own set up. Last night, she was up a set and a break versus chan and then lost the second set. She looked a half step slow from my nose bleed seats.

I have seen about 36 hours of tennis in the last 3 days. Yesterday, Tsonga looked good in his win over Mathieu, and I've seen both of Stanislas Wawrinka's big upsets over Berdych and yesterday over Baghdatis. Wawrinka has an interesting game, he is a damn good retreiver, but can turn on the offense with his huge one handed backhand. Ironically, bags and wawrinka are doubles partners (who lost to the Bryans in a late night brawl.) By the way, I'll tell you sometime about the hilarious proceedings when Bob nailed Marcos right where it counts - the whole stadium was in stitches.

The "big house"? JAILBREAK! haha.
That score from Mauresmo's it time to stick a fork in her? Is she done?
I was there over the weekend but had to head back for work. After seeing the line up for tomorrow, I'm considering quitting my job...or calling in sick (I've got mono!). Either way, I wish I was in the Palm Desert witnessing the return of Federer. Enjoy!
Come to think of it, I'd like to quit my job too.

Anybody have tv info for this event? Is this not on ESPN? I thought I read Fox Sports Net and I have no idea if i have that on my hugely overpriced cable system.
I feel the same way about foxsports can never find it and the local affiliate never carries tennis! argggggh. I didn't see mauresmo play, only practice.. but it does seem like she's getting squeezed out of the top.
I'm lucky enough to get the tennis on FSN. In fact, Nadal-Blake on now! What a matchup. Hopefully James can pull it out. Seeing the womens seedings, I was surprised at where these people are ranked these days. Not because they deserve or dont deserve it, but just that I havent heard much if anything about a handful of players even in the top twenty! There seems to just three personalities: the Williamses and Sharapova. So if the womens game is popular, it's mostly because of the tennis, which is a good thing!

Anyway, is Mark the only one on Tennispolis who's at IW (that I've noticed)?
I knew I should have gone today. That Nadal-Tsonga match would have been amazing live!!! Or even on TV (Fox Sports is dropping the ball on Pac-Life coverage). Anyone know where I can buy a DVD of today's match?
Mike, i was at the tournament for 13 hours again today, and i'm crashing hard. but suffice it to say that the nadal/tsonga match was the best in the big house so far. it ruled. felt like a final... also fun to see Fish beat hewitt today, and wawrinnka has been looking great. I've seen all three of his recent matches. big backhand.
g'night. one more day here,


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