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Hey there everyone.

After reading the "One week and going strong!" (ok that wasn't the exact title, but you get my point) thread, I got to thinking: What if trolls find out about this place?

So far we've got a lot of level-headed, fans over here and I think it's great. Just what I've been wanting to be a part of. No one has to be afraid of saying what they want from fear of thinking some over obsessive fan-person will berate them.
I think the downfall of a lot of tennis communities is unfair moderating and trolling.
By unfair moderating, I mean inflammatory speech is often allowed, while outspoken opinion is scrutinized.
With trolling, how can it be contained? I'm not talking about censoring, I don't suppose. But if someone is seen as a detriment to the community, how will the situation be handled?

Just a concern.


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Great questions Blue, but why do you have to bring me down?!? ;-)
Just kidding.

Actually it is not a matter of "if", but a matter of "when" the trolls find us. This place is going to grow (and don't get me wrong - I really want it to, and it needs to) and the kids I call the "child actors" will eventually wander in here. And of course, they're going to love it because there are so many avenues to troll on people. (comments on pages, comments on photos, the forum, groups, etc.) Here's the cool part - just as we are all building this site together, we all get to monitor our own stuff too. You get to delete any comment from your profile, or your group, or even the photos and videos you post (I think.) quote:
"...inflammatory speech is often allowed, while outspoken opinion is scrutinized."

I could not have said it better myself. There is a fine line and we're going to have to watch it. I certainly think disagreement is a good thing - it makes the discussions worth having. When people start flaming at each other, that has to be stopped. We are not the first message board online so we won't have to reinvent the wheel. It just takes good judgement which I think I have. And you clearly do too. You better watch out or I'll make you a Moderator. ;-) The big boards, and TW are horrible at moderating. I actually think they like the trolling because they want that element in there. In my opinion, that is what Tennisopolis has that they will never have. This site is based on a community model and we're going to maintain that.


Oh no, I'd be a horrible moderator! I'm too lazy to moderate LOL!!
I understand that critical thinking will be the most important tool in routing out trolls or "child actors!" Since this place was built with that understanding in the first place, we shouldn't have too much trouble. When the word gets out that we are in fact no way like TW, I feel that trolls will be discouraged from coming over in the first place.



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