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Hi everybody!! My name is Mike Pollard, i am a teaching pro here in Titusville, Florida. I would love to help you guys with any tennis questions you have.Wether it be about form or strategy..I am USPTA P1, PTR Professional, and PTR Wheelchair tennis certified. I am also the Titusville High School girls varsity and JV coach. I teach all ages and abilites from 4 year olds to Division 1 college players. Please let me know if i can help..

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Use the side step when returning to your recovery spot on the baseline. As far as the wrist goes, if your hitting topspin, there will always be some use of the wrist. If your using the continental or eastern grip, then you will use less wrist. Is your wrist sore or hurting with pain? It should be a little sore if your new at using topspin and you havent built up your wrist strength yet. If it hurts, then something is wrong with your form . It shouldnt hurt your wrist. Talk to your pro and figure out what is wrong.

Thank you for answering my questions on tennis so promptly!

I have got another question (which I hope is not a stupid question).

Does the position of my fingers while I'm gripping the tennis racquet affect my groundstrokes? Is it important for me to lock my thumb with my other fingers while I am holding the racquet?
Not sure what you mean by "lock". But you always want to grip the racket with your whole hand like your using a hammer. I do see a few people that will put their index finger or thumb up higher on the grip then the rest of their hands. Doing this will severly lower your grip strentgh, for example, on balls that are hit off center on your strings the racket will tend to roll in their hand.
I meant, like ensuring that the index finger and second finger touch each other and the index finger just slightly above the other fingers. For me, I do not have the problem of my index and thumb to high on the grip. However, my grip strength is still very weak, and the racquet goes loose when I hit my shots.

Currently, my thumb is not in contact with any other fingers when I grip my racquet. Does that lower my grip strength? It is a must for me to grip the handle entirely (with my thumb and another finger in contact) to increase my grip strength?
If your thumb doesnt touch your fingers and u loose your grip a lot sounds like your grip is too big. What is the grip size?
I don't know what is the measurement.. But I have base grip and an overgrip on top of the base grip. So I have got 2 grips wrapping the handle..
The shots I hit during my practice time and during my game is totally different.

Seems like when I am practicing, I tend to hit with more confidence and control, but in a game, I am very lousy, hitting shots that go way off the court, volleys that has no power, losing my grip when I hit the shots, and my feet even get planted onto the court! I can't seem to perform in my game, as compared to my practice sessions.

Why is this so? Is there anything I can do to help myself in any way??
This is VERY common, dont panic!!! Most players practice nice and relaxed and if they miss a shot, who cares. But when you play a match you will tighten up because your afraid of making mistakes and possibly lose...Try adding alot of practice matches into your practice schedule, and tell yourself that its practice and if you lose it doesnt really matter..eventually the confident swing you have in lessons will come out in your matches also.

As I progress in my game, my strokes get messed up. Meaning my forehand and backhand swings have their finish points everywhere. Sometimes I finish above my shoulder, sometimes at my waist height. Is it due to my racket? I started out as a beginner using the Wilson nFury, weighing 264grams. For now I am still using it.

As I progress, should I be getting a heavier racket to add more stability and consistency in my strokes? Maybe a racket that weighs about 300-320 grams? Will it help?
Actually your follow through will change depending on the shot you are trying to hit. Remember there are 2 parts to your swing. (1) is the backswing to the contact point this determines power, (2) is contact to follow through, this determines the height of the ball. If you are trying to hit the ball high, you will finish high over your opposite shoulder. If you are trying to keep the ball lower over the net then your follow through will be somewhere between opposite elbow and shoulder.
Heavier is not always better, but because your a newer player dont be afraid to try out different rackets. Eventually you will find what you like best .
How do I return a high ball for both a forehand & backhand? Say if the return shot from my opponent lands close to the baseline and bounces high.. I want to return a high ball with power and control. Most of the time when I return a high ball from my forehand side, I will return high and slow, which I want to change.
I've got a question. I've been playing for about a month (and started taking lessons weekly). Yesterday, I went to the courts to practice serving.

I'm noticing that half of my serves are in. The other half either in the service line area or are hitting right behind the service court. Just on the edge of being in. It feels like I'm hitting too hard. I've tried to let up and then they hit the net. I've got a bad habit of not following through but even when I do, I may hit a few more in but basically the same thing happens.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


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