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Hey fellow TO'ers,
What is your weapon of choice on the court?
Mine is an Aerogel 200 w/ Luxilon Big Banger ALU @ 56 lbs.
What is yours?

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My Weapon of Mass Destruction is 2 custom Dunlop Aerogel 500 w. Lux Poly
Mods include a flat custom grip shape and .7oz of lead

The next mod is a flaming airbrush paint job
Since I last posted here several months ago, I've stuck exclusively with the Babolat Pure Storm Tour. I use Klip Legend 17g (natural gut) at 55 lbs. on the mains, and Gosen OG-Sheep Micro (synthetic gut) 17g at 55 lbs. on the crosses. I love the spin and power generated by the natural gut, as well as the feel. I also don't notice much detraction by using synthetic gut on the crosses, as the Gosen softens up the string board pretty nicely. I would probably string my whole racket with natural gut if money were of no concern, but the natural/synthetic hybrid has worked well for me.

I play with the same racquet. I have generally hybrid babolat VS with Lux Rough. However for my second racquet, I'm stringing with gut VS team 17G at 55 lbs. I used to string at higher tensions but last time I strung my hybrid 55 mains and 52 crosses. First 2 or 3 sessions I felt a bit strange then I got used to the lower tension and really enjoy now. Feel/touch is amazing also made me hit cleaner with better technique. I had a tendency to sometime slap the ball for a put away shot and could get away with it at higher tensions. Not so with lower tension, you have to put heavy top spin with pace. Feels great on the arm too! Looking forward to full bed of gut 17g. I'm going to try out hybrid one racquet and the other full bed of gut. I find my second racquet just looses tension and playability sitting in the bag while I use my other raquet. Full bed of gut won't loose tension or playability. Also nice to have full gut to play with in friendly matches or practice.

Well I think I have found my holy grail. It is the Volkl C10 Pro Tour. I am still playing around with my string type. I am really liking the Pro Supex Big Ace 1.22mm on both mains and crosses. But like I said I am still experimenting... to be continued ;)
Head Flexpoint, It's light, with a large head, I string with big banger original at 55 pounds.
I'm still using the Babolat Pure Storm Tour, but since my last posting, I switched to Babolat VS 17g (natural gut) on the mains and Forten Sweet 17g (synthetic gut) on the crosses, both at 60 lbs. I can really take a healthy cut at the ball and generate a lot of spin and pace without hitting too many balls long. Forten's probably the softest synthetic gut I've ever used (which I enjoy), and Babolat VS seems more reliable than Klip Legend.
When I was young and in my twenties I spent $$$ on the latest Head racquet and even bought my own stringer. So, I strung them every way and with every thing I could get my hands on. More often stringing the racquets a pound or two below the recommended Max. I now think it hurt my game development more often than helped it. Today, my son (18) is actively involved in the local tennis circles. After buying him a new racquet each year for a few years, I decided to go with a more middle-of-the-road approach and ended up selecting from the Fischer line. So, now he has two, Fischer M-Pro 98's and one, Fischer 105 M-Pro Tour. I've ultimately inherited the 105, he uses the 98's. It's been two years now and he's still very content with his Fischers. We started off with Luxilon Big Banger ALU at 45.. then switched to the GAMMA TNT 16's, also at 45#. We will be stringing with the new GAMMA ZO Twist 16 this week.

The Fischers have been great. We've replaced one grommet and replaced the grip pallet to resize the racquets to best suit his needs at a fraction of a racquet's cost. Since the racquets are vacuum molded they are pretty much identical in every way, ounce for ounce, so he can change when needed without having to readjust. His game has gone up from a 3.5 to a 4.5 - 5 this past year.
Prince Rebel 95 with Pro Hurricane Tour (mains) and Tecnifibre x 1 Biphase (crosses) @ 56lbs with added replacement grip @ 360g.
Babolat Pure Drive Roddick same strings and tension with added replacement grip and lead @ 9 & 3 @ 360g.

Both completely different rackets with completely different balances, the Rebel about 9pts headlight, the Babolat about 5pts. The Rebel I use as my main racket with the specs I prefer but I also have one I like to play around with, weight balance etc and the Babolat is such a comfortable easy hit.

Going out today with it. Ive taken off the replacement grip and added more lead at 9 and 3 so weight is still the same but its more even balanced. Looking forward to see if I can generate the same power I do with the Rebel???
Went out yesterday and soon converted back to the Rebel. Even at about 360g it feels light as it is so headlight. With the added lead to the Babolat it swung like a brick and its swingweight must have been in the high 300s. I needed arms like Nadal. Think I'll just be sticking to one racket now........

yonex rdis mid. same strings but at 58 lbs.
A lot of people where I've played or visited are mentioning Babolat rackets. I am in the market for a new one and have been looking at Babolat's latest Y Line. Does anyone have any advice about the new lineup or have had experience with the Aero rackets and can give me a good comparison?

I play with a Tecnifibre 320 V02 max. As a full poly user, I am experimenting with various brands but so far I love the Black code or the Signum pro at 57.


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