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Hey fellow TO'ers,
What is your weapon of choice on the court?
Mine is an Aerogel 200 w/ Luxilon Big Banger ALU @ 56 lbs.
What is yours?

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Great thread! I play with the Wilson ntour2 with Kevlar strings.

Add pics people,
Pics of the AG.
James, don't post up your stick, you just lost to Kei!
LOL. Is James Blake really "J" - ah hah, that's it! We have our first Professional Tennis member. ;-)

Andrew, you got to snap a pic of your 20 dollar special for us.
I'm A for Andrew, a pro with a $20 head stick ahahaha. I'm such a humble pro I don't take pics of my stick or my stick...
Indeed, you have figured it out. I am James Blake, how do you do?
Anyone care for some online poker?
HAHAHAHAHA I just noticed the tags you assigned to this post LOL.
I'm hoping my next raquet will be the Prince Wii Racquet! Woo! Just gotta sign some autographs for a Wii first!
Did you see the contest that Pricne is having - they're giving away one of their Wii Rackets.
Mine is the O3 Black 4 1/2 with Big Banger mains and Wilson Natural Gut crosses..65lbs
I use the Dunlop Aerogel 300. Pro Supex Big Ace 17g at about 58 lbs in the Mains. For the crosses, I've been experimenting with different multi-filaments. I've used Volkl Fibre II and Babolat Xcel Premium so far, and have get it strung at 55 lbs. So far I like the Volkl the best. I think the next string I'll try for the crosses will be Technifibre NRG.
was just rereading this and realized i had my tensions reversed. My Pro Supex mains are at 55lbs and my crosses are at 58 lbs.


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