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Wow, so I recently added The Tennis Channel to my cable subscription and it's pretty exciting. I only have one question: Where is my tennis?!

If I have to pay for it, I want tennis! I don't want to see someone playing golf and tasting wine! Annnnnnnnd there's infomercials from 11-12 am to what like 8 am??

How can you have infomercials on a premium-premium channel?

I mean.. you pay for HBO- you get all HBO... it's not like there's a Tennis strike, so why can't there be unlimited Tennis?! or at least fill the informecial time slots with classic tourneys..

I'm just sayin..

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and Blake just got whooped by an 18 year old.
Kei played well, James, not so good.
It's only Del Ray, we won't know how either will playy when it actually matters.
Now stfu nub, with your little $15 racquet.
Does anyone know if Kei is going to be in any other Tournaments soon?
I wonder if he is going to try to qualify at Indian Wells?
I love it when a qualifier wins tournament - talk about the underdog coming through!
I had the Tennis Channel for a while and loved it at first but then realized when there is not a big tournament on they show re-runs of the same shows or matches all the time. It's like you have to wait a month for somthing new to come on then once you've seen it you have to wait another month. Very cool seeing some of the top players and what their evryday life is like but not enough new material.
I agree. Always reruns!
but its sooooo much better than ESPN tennis coverage..All they play is the williams sisters or roddick..i agree they need to play more tournaments, and maybe some older great matches(as long as its not jimmy connors....god i hate that guy) and i would LOVE to see some college matches on here too..but its gonna take a little while to get the rights to play some of these events live..


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