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Wow, so I recently added The Tennis Channel to my cable subscription and it's pretty exciting. I only have one question: Where is my tennis?!

If I have to pay for it, I want tennis! I don't want to see someone playing golf and tasting wine! Annnnnnnnd there's infomercials from 11-12 am to what like 8 am??

How can you have infomercials on a premium-premium channel?

I mean.. you pay for HBO- you get all HBO... it's not like there's a Tennis strike, so why can't there be unlimited Tennis?! or at least fill the informecial time slots with classic tourneys..

I'm just sayin..

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Most of the time, it's matches, and then when it's not matches, they usually show either an infomercial, or one of there little TTC promo's like Bag Check or Tennis Shorts that give you advice, and show yoou pro's gar. I love TTC, and can't get enough of it. Plus, who doesn't want to see a infomercial about a Chinese foot pad that removes toxins from your body?
that foot pad thing is just disgusting to see, I want to try it though since it costs only like $4 or so lol. I know the Bag Check and Tennis Shorts promos are fun to watch, but Open Access is like.. bllllleghh.
Open Access - Dmitry Tursonov.
Every single time, that's who it is.
Is that the episode titled "Chile"?
Hah, I don't think so. Oh man, my bad I'm thinking of No Strings, not Open Access.
I need to get the TTC still. Can't wait for the foot pad infomercial - that's the only reason I'm signing up. I think it must be great during the tournaments, but between it's the same old thing.
Not only the foot pads, but the Aussie Knife Sharpener.
It's simply genious I'm telling you!
Hey at least the word Aussie reminds you of the AO which reminds you of, dare I say her name, Ana!
Yumm. Ana Ivanovic is in my fave five.
who are the other 4? hehe. Kirilenko.. Sharapova.. Hantuchova.. who else?!
Well it's Pete, my serve coach, Fed, my all around game coach, Blake, my forehand coach, Nadal, my agressive coach, and Ana for being hot.
yeah but now you can have more than 5.. forgot about that, did ya? those commercials are so lame, how could you?


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