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Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce.

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LMAO "Bounce"!! It was awful when that person in the stands interupted his balll bouncing and he had to start over. I was thinking "You just hit 'replay' on the bouncing you idiot." The interesting thing is that Nadal actually took up the habit as well.

I'm happy to see Nole win. Everyone keeps saying things like "he's arrogant," "he's a clown," people started taking offense to his impressions- it got to a point where the kid could do no right. The Aussie crowd was really against him, the commetators said because they believe he was too arrogant. But his speech was very nice and he gave them a bit more of his personality.

Anyway, as for the match, they were both very nervous in the beginning. After the first 2 break, Jo got focused, but never really got into HIS game. He got lucky on set point, and luck never lasts long.
Nole's folks went through some hoo-haa about the French fans behind them and called security? IMO it was stupid and it really bothered Nole. He got nervous and Jo relaxed more; I really feel he thought he was going to win the second set easily. But after the Djokovic's settled down, Nole focused on what he was doing and that Jo wasn't, IMO, playing winning tennis.
Nole did great to overcome:
Losing the first set,
Family vs. French fans drama,
Lack of crowd support,
Jo's resurgence in the 4th.
With experience from the USO final, he knew what to do and how to handle changes in the atmosphere. He got down for a bit, but he stuck with his game and it was SWEET.
Jo dissappointed me because he didn't play his game, but settled for trying to play Nole's baseline game; I can't even remember the times he came to net. Maybe 10 times, more or less. His best volley was in the 10th game of the 4th set, but by then it was too little too late. I would've like for him to make Nole think more, but like I read in his interview after def. Nadal, he said he doesn't play with a game plan. He just plays as he goes along. Add togther lack of experience, no specific game plan to at least fall back on, and some nerves, you've more than likely got yourself a loss. But the match was exciting, no doubt about it.
I loved the end where Jo came around the net to shake Nole's hand. These guys know that they both accomplished great things to get to the final. They both deserved to be there, and Nole absolutely deserved to win.
Good on ya, mate.

Also interesting that Nole picked up Nadal's irritating, compulsive chewy-picking routine...
Ha, I noticed some picking too, but at least it was around the perimeter...
The match was good but I think Andrew you blew it for me dude. ;-)
My fault, but i tried to stay away from the results until i could see the rerun.
And I saw in the right hand column here, that Andrew had posted a new topic called "Nole!!!!" and that was all it took. :-)
Still loved watching the match.
Tsonga got a little lazy or tired in the 2nd and 3rd sets. He lost his patience and that is so important.
lol my bad... I was just so excited and had stayed up so I was absent minded, and did I mention excited? lol. You knew Nole was going to win, admit it LOL. Tsonga would've won if he played like he did vs. Nadal.. otherwise it was Nole's match for sure.. he just bounces across the entire court and can get to pretty much every ball like Tsonga did vs. Nadal. I got worried when Nole started getting a lot of unforced errors like his fellow Serb, Ana (my love LOL).
Nole's bouncing is just plain ridiculous. I am really happy he won in 4 and is not standing alongside Borg and Federer as a thrid player to win a GS without losing a set. he has physical issues that I am nto sure he will overcome over an extended career. He will soon realize that maintaining a ranking is a totally different ball game from climbing the rankings.


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