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Wow, the growth is simply phenomenal. I think we created a truly revolutionary tennis community. We are getting 50 new members per day. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for referring your friends. Thank you so much. As our community grows, it just grows faster and faster. There will be a day we look back and say, "Wow I was member number #250, and now there's thousands."
People are joining so fast that I actually could use some help welcoming people to the site. You know the message I left you when you first registered? Is there anyone who could give people a nice welcome and point them to some of the features? Let me know.

Update: we have a Group now for helping out. I hope you like the name. :-)

Thanks again everyone!

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hey mark, let me know if you need help. by the way, you might see some TW members come over.
Oh yeah?
How do you know that?
Thanks for the offer of help. Basically, I'd just like some help saying "hi" to new members and pointing them in the direction if some interesting areas of this site.

if that's all you need it will work for me.
I should do that since we are getting from 60 to 90 new members daily. WOW. But people are so much friendlier than robots. :-)
If you can, surf around to some members and just give a nice "hello'.
Hey Mark,

This is a simple task to help with. Should we come up with some kind of generic welcome that everyone can use? If we have a gereric something that mentions the features, we can all add our individual "hellos" =)

Also, it will kind of time consuming for us who are volunteering to sort through and check who has or hasn't been welcomed. What can we do about that? Should we create "Already Welcomed" a list? An odd idea, but oh well. I just threw that out there for consideration.
blue shirt,
that would even be better. but again that would be up to mark.
Great Idea Blue.
I set up the standard welcome with the HTML to the various features. There's a link to it from the Ball Kids Group which is here:

I could really use some help with the welcomes, I'm swimming upstream with all the new members! LOL.
Oh oh I'd love to help Mark, I'm online most of the evenings and could really use the time at Tennisopolis to welcome new members. That way I get to meet more people, how phenomenal! let me know how I can help.

Thanks a lot for all your hard work, it is greatly appreciated.

Blue, Teress, and Jun,
Awesome. You guys are our official Welcome Wagon. Blue's idea is great. I have a standard text that I drop in (i'm sure you've seen it) ;-) What's cool about it is that the features are linked in with HTML. I will try to send it to you via message and see if it doesn't corrupt the code. Then, as you say Blue, you can add your own personal touch at the top of it.
Hi guys, I pasted the magic welcome code in this blog here.
Thanks for all the help. Another good thing people could help with is to tell people how to upload a picture for their profile.

I think I'm going to make a new group called: The Ball Kids that anyone can join if they want to help out around the site. Coooooolll. LOL

awesome!!!! sign me up for The Ball Kids :D Lol!!


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