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You can make your own polls at SodaHead. If I left somebody off, state them in the reply section.
Hey there Fleabitten.

Is Federer left off on purpose? If so, I really gotta think about this one...

Yeah, this is an interesting poll. To leave Federer and Nadal off is cool. I guess in the last few years only Fed and Nadal (and Safin for the 05 Aussie) have one a GS. Hm.... let me think here.
I voted Nalbandian. He's really due for one, now that he seems to have his head on straight.

I ended up voting for Nalbandian too. He was so strong at the end of the year - I wish he was able to accumulate enough points for the masters cup because I think he could've won it. Hadn't he beat Federer twice in a row? Anyway, it could be hard to maintain the momentum through the offseason I think we have seen that in the past.


Personally, I think Djokovic is going to head the wrong way in -08. I hop not, but that's my feeling.
Out of that group there are a few possibilities. When Gasquet is on he can beat anyone. Murray has a great game but his game still needs to mature. Djokovic is the world number 3 and had some good wins over Federer and Nadal. Nalbandian can beat anyone when he is on but the problem is he is rarely on. For some reason in my mind I do not see Djokovic winning a slam, he can hardly ever last a full match let alone 7 5 setters over 2 weeks. He just seems to almost always call for the trainer or retire I just do not see the heart there. Gasquet's game might need to mature alittle more also so rhe he might be able to pull out his best stuff more consistently. If Nalbandian turns up in shape I can see him winning the AO. So out of the choices I pick Nalbandian.
That poll widget is kind of clunky. I don't think it is great. You have to vote and then hit skip the comment before the vote registers. I bet it is losing a lot of the votes because people aren't doing the second step.
It looks like it's working fine on my screen.


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